Cousin Vinny’s Pizza

1080 Kauffman Avenue
Dayton, OH 45324

One of many young pizza chains springing up in the Dayton area, Cousin Vinny’s pizza currently 10 locations in the region. Primarily a delivery-centered business, Cousin Vinny’s caters to basically any demographic, with locations focused in every kind of population center in the area with college kids and military alike. With a number of deals, the place is designed to get you hooked on a pretty simple array of pizzas and party food. It’s a pretty generic menu of pizzas which is easily customizable. It’s also a delivery business trying to reel you in with deals and game day specials to eat on the cheap.

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The pizza here is a basic iteration which seems especially suited for game day munchies. The list of ingredients are pretty basic, a list of about 20 standard vegetables and meats you’d find on a pizza. The pizza is pretty good, a good replica of a national chain-type of pizza; it’s good and tasty but very standard; no distinguishing features or unique flavors, just about as generic as you can make good pizza. This is neither a criticism nor a complement; if you don’t want a fancy pizza then here is a great place for a basic one. I know I definitely do sometimes.

  • Pepperoni pizza: Odds are this will be your first experience with Cousin Vinny’s. So the pizza is topped with pepperoni aplenty, but you might want to dab it with a napkin, it’s a bit greasy.
  • Cheese pizza: The simple option, but the extra cheese is actually really great, just enough to delight but not too much to get greasy and gross.
  • Veggie pizza: Topped with all the chopped veggies you can imagine, this one has olives, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and more. An explosion of crispy crunchy things.
  • Buffalo chicken pizza: This is my personal favorite pie; it’s a white pizza topped with slices of white meat chicken and onions and a drizzle of buffalo sauce on the top. Great for parties and crowds, of course.
  • Breadsticks: The reason people love these so much is they’re topped with a ton of Parmesan cheese until they’re sticky good. Addicting.

The most popular deal is called the “big 10 special,” a 14″ 1-Topping Pizza, 8 breadsticks and two drinks for $10.99. It’s a great deal that will make a hearty dinner for two. The breadsticks are great; definitely tasty and served with some cheese dipping sauce that adds to the indulgence of it all. They’re great finger food and most importantly you can split them up; otherwise they are thick enough to be meals of their own accord. The same can be said of the side dishes; they’re good but unremarkable.

It’s easy enough to want the pizza, but ordering it seems to be the most difficult part. Cousin Vinny’s seems dead-set on getting as many people as possible to use its online ordering feature. This is difficult to do. The ordering options are confusing, the online form asks for too much information and half of the buttons on the site do not work. This makes for an exceedingly frustrating experience and you’ll probably give up and order the old fashioned way. Other than that, though, the service is good, the people are friendly and delivery guys are decent enough. It’s notable that Cousin Vinny’s is pretty good at estimating the actual delivery time; when they say they’re coming in 45 minutes, they will be there in 45 minutes.

All in all, pretty standard stuff. I like simple pizza and Cousin Vinny makes simple pizza. Food tastes decent and will fill you up.


  • Resist the urge to order online. It’s fruitless and ultimately exceedingly difficult.
  • Look for deals like the “First and 10” and be sure to keep up on them; there are a lot of ways to eat cheaply.
  • Try to avoid lunch and dinner rushes; food takes significantly longer to get to you.

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