Commentary: Junk food frenzy

I can harp all day about the benefits of picking a great local place to eat for dinner. I love new places. They have a true sense of genuine satisfaction about them. But the fact remains, in spite of my strong inkling to local food there are days when I could really go for a crunch box.

I’m not as crazy as some people are when it comes to my weakness for some foods. I half-jokingly tell my friends I have an insatiable appetite for Taco Bell. All 1,270 calories of the $5.00 crunch box always proves unbearably delicious. It’s not alone, either. Red Robin’s Banzai Burger is so good I’ve tried to make my own version, and no amount of bad service can keep me away from most of the Buffalo Wind Wings around my parts of Ohio.

I have toyed with the idea of swearing away chain restaurants for a period of time and seeing just how it was to really go for that  thing. I don’t thing I’m quite ready for that, though. Just a little too much love for those cheesy tacos and teriyaki-doused pineapples.

What is your favorite fast food guilty pleasure? Comment or let us know –


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