Roger’s Honey

12429 Snyder Church Road
Baltimore, OH 43105

Roger’s Honey is a local beekeeping business that produces a variety of bee-related products in small town Baltimore, Ohio. While a decent chunk of the business goes into beeswax candles, lotions, soap, and beekeeping supplies, Roger’s Honey also invests i substantial amount of time into honey foods: flavored honey, honey jams and creamed spreads for easier preparation. The small family business, run by Roger and Marlene Miller, frequents fairs and gatherings in the Columbus area, toting a little tent with a big vartiety of bee gifts and bee foods. No doubt in my mind; local food beats mass-produced food any day.

The honey products are good, but that’s a given. Honey is always good. Not much is necessary to describe it. What is commendable is the variety of flavored honeys the business brings to the table. Honey stick candies come in a few dozen varieties, from subtle cinnamon or peach to a very loud root beer flavor. Each is very distinct, though it does not necessarily taste fresh all the time. It would be great if fresh ingredients were infused into the honey (it would amplify their natural flavors) but I’m not sure this is always the case.

The spreadable honey and honey jams are also very creative. They have a different consistency which makes them easier to eat and spread on other foods. These have fewer flavor varieties but nonetheless, what is there seems to work well enough that I don’t see it as a weakness.

With an interesting take on an age-old commodity, the honeys sold here are a breath of fresh air, and worth the extra money. This is another local business worthy of support.

Flavors to try: Root beer flavored honey? Excellent. Some of the fruit flavors, not so much.
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