K & W Drive In

450 South Main Street
Springboro, OH 45066
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Springboro, Ohio is a one-time rural hamlet which has grown over the years as more and more people come to the area for its pleasant environment. Today, it’s every bit a southern suburb of Dayton as its norther neighbors. Though times are changing, one thing that feels the same: The K&W drive in still feels like the heart of the community. Right in the middle of Main Street, this little ice cream store is still the place where kids walk after school for ice cream and high school sports teams celebrate summer victories.

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The K&W is a lost-in-time local food place selling burgers, chili dogs and ice cream, the purest Americana-style menu. There are burgers with loads of vegetables and toppings. You name the fast food dish, it’s done well and with a simplicity that makes it all seem easy, but taste so great.

  • Chili dog: Simple hot dog with a very savory chili sauce that rivals that of local chains.
  • Corndog: Fried hot dog coated in batter. Simple and a bit salty, but a nice summer snack.
  • Bratwurst: An extra thick hot dog topped with onions and a spicy mustard. Extra thick and delicious.
  • Ice cream: K&W also does ice cream, which is arguably its most popular item on the menu. In addition to standard soft serve (which is good, but texture and flavor considered, is about average) but the best cool treat to try is called “dole whip” and is lighter and much tastier. There are a number of seasonal flavors, among them raspberry and  mango and a few others. They’re softer and lighter, not quite like gelato but not quite ice cream. It’s a great snack or a desert.
  • Sundae: Served with a topping of your choice and nuts. The simple ice cream is all you need for this to be fantastic.

The service at K&W is consistently great. It is staffed primarily by local high schoolers who are exceptionally friendly, especially for families with young children, and I would have to say my experience with the management is that it runs a friendly and effective business.

Important to note, this place is a seasonal attraction. It’s open in the spring, summer and early fall, but sometime around Thanksgiving it becomes a pleasant little Christmas tree lot. Since business is so far catered to local pedestrians, you won’t see it open again until the weather warms up. One way or another, though, this is the kind of place that still sports the small-town charm so many fast food chains lack, and has food unquestionably better than what you find down the street. If you’re passing through Main Street, and especially if you’re a Springboro native, this place is a must.


  • Be sure to remember this is a seasonal place, and is not open in the winter. Look for it to be open in the dog days of summer.
  • The fast food here is great, and it’s an ice cream place, too. Anyway, all of it is quick and makes for a very pleasant experience.
  • Unquestionably a family place, K&W is very popular with families and young children.

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