Silver Bridge Coffee Company

3852 State Route 850
Gallipolis, OH 45631
The appeal of small Coffee roasteries providing product for shops throughout a region is a common thing in Ohio. With so many coffee shops, the expensive nature of running your own roastery machines and importing beans from all over the world for a basic menu of flavors is daunting. Because of that, businesses like Silver Bridge Coffee Company don’t even need a coffee house to sell their products. The little roastery business has no shop to speak of, instead it supplies coffee to other businesses all over the state, such as Fluff Bakery. You may have tasted this coffee and never known it.
The coffee comes in several very fresh varieties. The different flavors have a very distinct, yet very mild flavor which is easily amplified by cream and sugar. Flavors like dark chocolate cherry are classy but still taste very much like coffee. Other flavors like pumpkin spice have all the flavor and intrigue of a stronger or sweeter drink without overwhelming you. It’s perfect, and when it’s brewed well, it can make for a very sweet experience.
It is no wonder to me this place does so much distributing all over Ohio, as the different flavors of coffee are a very versatile base for numerous kinds of coffee drinks. I would certainly suggest the coffee can be tasted plain, but I’m more excited about the potential other foods and drinks the coffee can be added to. This is a strong brand, and I would like to hope you’ll have the opportunity to try it.
Flavors to try: The more interesting flavors are the ones that shine the best. Of course varieties like French Vanilla and Highlander Grogg are good – the real appeal is in things like the seasonal flavors.

2 thoughts on “Silver Bridge Coffee Company

  1. The best is the Raspberry Chocolate! I order it 10 lbs at a time. I used to live in Gallipols and moved. I am a coffee drinker now due to Silver Bridge, Thank you

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