Flippin Jimmy’s Burgers & Wings

118 West North Street
Fostoria, OH 44830

As a hyperlocal bar, Flippin’ Jimmy’s offers a highly simplified atmosphere and a very quiet atmosphere. I don’t really know how else to put it, this place proudly sports a bare-bones attitude, insisting in its business mantra that it sticks to a smaller menu in hopes of doing all of its dishes just right. Locals come through here to get a bite to eat and watch local sports, but just as many seem to ascribe to its takeout menu as well. Locals tell me everyone comes to Flippin Jimmy’s for its wings. I think I have been reawakened to the possibilities of the chicken wing.

There are plenty of sauces to try along Flippin Jimmy’s menu, most are pretty basic as far as sauce goes. There is a simple barbecue recipe (barbecue wings are always my favorite) which is sweet but not too sweet. It adds something to the wings without making them soggy or overdone. There is also a series of spicy options, for fans of hotter foods. Each spicy wing requires a dunk in ranch sauce to keep it from becoming overwhelming. Actually its a bit too hot if you ask me, I’ve been assured the wings aren’t supposed to be as spicy but it’s inconsistent to me.

There’s a custom house sauce which is very different from the standard wing sauce. It was very impressive and a very different from what you would normally try. This stuff has a well-done combination of Worcestershire sauce and a few other spices. I am a fan of new flavors, and this is one that is worth coming back for. As for the wings themselves, I’m not fully convinced about them. They’re cooked well but are still a little short of “fall off the bone.” The sizes are also inconsistent; some are huge and others are very small. It’s kind of all over the place and you have a hard time knowing what you’ll get, Boneless or not boneless.

The service is decent, most of the people who come through are here for pickup. There’s a decent amount of room in the bar and dining area to sit and enjoy a game, but things feel a little crowded. Moreover it’s all kind of dirty and the environment isn’t terribly attractive. This place is definitely a down-t0-earth kind of dive. Locals like the place I’m sure, but I just don’t have that same kind of appreciation.

The wings are decent but there isn’t very much about this place that impresses me. It’s just a little too inconsistent for me.


  • This is definitely a predominately carry-out business. I would suggest you stick to carry out before dining in as the restaurant is a little crowded.
  • People come here for the wings. Try the house wing sauce, it’s a very unique flavor.
  • There’s also a bar side to the business, but I would say it’s more popular to locals than to the average passerby.

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