Brotherton’s Family Restaurant

7517 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45231
Facebook page

One of many family-oriented offerings on Cincinnati’s west side, Brotherton’s is a small family-owned restaurant with a diverse following of locals and a menu to match. The restaurant is surrounded by “family” based chains yet it seems to be holding its own. With good cause, at that.

The restaurant menu has plenty of options, and from what I tried, it serves sizable portions at decent prices. The food is good for a local place, but it’s not especially groundbreaking. The pulled pork is good Midwestern barbecue. The salads are iceberg lettuce. A lot of the vegetables and other things aren’t local, which is a shame. There are plenty of things in a big city like Cincinnati which this place could utilize and it does not do so.

The service is friendly enough, and it definitely has the feel of a family establishment. The people are polite and seem to generally be on top of things. I do like the feel of the place, it’s definitely a pleasant escape from the many chains in the area. In all, I would always suggest supporting a local business over a chain, but I’m not convinced there’s anything terribly groundbreaking about this place.


  • Brotherton’s offers catering services, which are very economical.
  • The barbecue is good, but many of the salads and side dishes aren’t really anything special.
  • Avoid coming in at peak hours, the place can get backed up with large crowds easily.

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