Heavenly Dips

460 Clifden Court
Sunbury, Ohio 43074

The dip: It’s the cornerstone of the game day snack bowl, the center of the vegetable plate and the best part of many a snack food. For all of the many uses of the dip, how many different kinds can you name? Dips generally are undervalued, in my opinion. There are three kinds: Spinach and artichoke dip, ranch dip and…spicy. Then, a little business called Heavenly Dips came along. It’s based in Sunbury, Ohio but operates with mobility at fairs and street parties throughout the state, year round. Its dozens of varieties seem to have built a following.

The dips have three basic varieties; olive oil-based dips, savory veggie dips, and sweeter dessert dips. By the end of the experience, you’ll be looking for things to dip in the excellent sauces. There are spicy jalapeno and habanero based dips. There are cooler cucumber and ranch dips. Just about any fantastic flavor can be converted into a dip. The sweet kind is almost dangerously good. Birthday cake dip? Yeah, I don’t think I’ll have any problem finishing that. I have to admit, some assembly is required (the dips come as spiced to be added to cream cheese) but the item is certainly worthy of a try.

The website allows you to order online, and there is a huge discount for ordering more than one at the same time. I’d suggest you sample the flavors before committing to one. That shouldn’t be a problem though. If Heavenly Dips comes to a fair near you, jump right in.

Flavors to try: Spicy is definitely worth sampling, but it is HOT. The number of dessert flavors are definitely worth a try, if you think you can keep yourself from eating it all.


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