Bill’s Donut Shop

268 North Main Street
Centerville, OH 45459

Operating since 1960 (and at its present location since 1979,) Bill’s Donut Shop is a business for families, run by a family of bakers. The little shop sits along State Route 48, the main route into downtown Dayton from the southern suburbs. Thousands of commuters pass the little shop every day, and many are enticed by its charming pastries and coffee. This is the kind of place old timers come through daily as part of their early morning routing and where high school teams meet up before practice for breakfast. The doughnuts here are far above average and I’m definitely going to tell you right off the bat this is somewhere you’ll want to try.


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So, the most impressive thing about the place is the sheer variety of doughnuts and pastries you’ll find here. Shelf after shelf have them by the dozens, and interesting flavors like applesauce, sour cream and coconut break the mold of the traditionally simple options many other shops offer. And at 70 cents each, it’s hard not to want to come through and sample one. Or a few. The doughnuts are moist, which is a huge draw, and they seem to maintain that moistness throughout the day. A common problem I have with doughnuts is that they seem to dry out quickly.

  • Donuts: The basic doughnut is expertly done, which is what makes them so good. The dough is very sweet with a hint of cinnamon and then lightly fried; just enough for the doughnut to be crisp but not crunchy. The glaze is sweet and adds a lot but isn’t overwhelming. Even when the doughnuts are ices and sprinkled, I’m impressed. There isn’t so much icing to be overwhelming, and it adds flavor without making things over the top.
  • Cinnamon Roll: Compact with thick dough, and yet packed with cinnamon, this sturdy roll is very easy to love.
  • Red Velvet Cake Donut: Same crunchy donut, but with a tasty cream cheese frosting on top. Makes me smile.
  • Peanut crunch: This one is just over-the-top. A delicious pastry covered in peanuts with a sweet, salty crunch. Very, very satisfying.

Every time I have come to Bill’s I have been impressed with how friendly the service has been and how the business seems to genuinely care for its customers. That care is apparent in just how many people I see who seem to be incredibly familiar with the place because the good pastries keep them coming back. Definitely come here for breakfast.


  • At 70 cents each, definitely sample the outstanding doughnuts.
  • There is a lot of area to dine in, but be warned it’s also pretty crowded here in the morning with locals.
  • I’m not a huge fan of the coffee, but the cappuccino are good.

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