Friesinger’s Fine Chocolates

45 North Pioneer Boulevard
Springboro, OH 45066

Over 100 years of making chocolates. You really can’t argue with that.

Friesinger’s is off the beaten path no matter where you’re headed in Springboro. It’s right off the main stretch in a secluded little corner of town in an otherwise unassuming building. But once you go inside you’ll find yourself transported to a whole different world. Friesinger’s makes fine chocolates and candies in the factory right behind the store room. There’s literally a window from the chocolate displays into the factory where you can watch sweets roll down the conveyor belt and into little boxes.

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So, Friesinger’s strategy isn’t just a “dip everything in chocolate” sort of thing, its offerings are very calculated and it seems to have a lot of traditional chocolates, but a lot of other unusual things to offer, too. The standard assorted chocolates are offered in both boxes and by the pound, from raspberry cream to caramel filled, these are above average. Other standard sort of items, like buckeyes and chocolate covered cherries and things like that, those are also great. In addition to having a very distinct flavor of chocolate, Friesinger’s also has an outstanding peanut butter fudge, which it uses in several items. It’s gourmet; not too peanut buttery and not too sweet, but just right.

There are plenty of specialty items from Friesinger’s that have a very special place in my stomach. Chocolate bark, filled with nuts of different kinds, is one of the most popular items at the chocolate store, as are “pollywogs” (nut clusters filled with caramel and covered in chocolate.) These guys also did chocolate-covered pretzels before those were popular, and I am still convinced they do a better job of it. Also popular, they dip dried apricots and peaches in chocolate. Trust me, it’s a hundred and ten times better than you would believe.

Of course there are lots of specialties over the course of the year; Easter brings a variety of colorful chocolates and thinks like that for children, while valentine’s day brings a lot more red things and candies for girlfriends and wives and significant others. The store has a lot of basic things but the expanded selection of chocolates is highly seasonal. Come around close to a holiday and the things you’ll find might vary drastically. All of it is worth a try, though.

Friesinger’s is an outstanding maker of fine chocolate. Words fail to describe just how good the candies they offer can be. This is the kind of place you would definitely want to consider for candies for someone you would want to impress, be that a girlfriend, some in-laws or a boss. Here, they take chocolate making to a whole new level, and once you give it a try here, you just may find that nowhere else lives up to the same standard.


  • Popular items include pollywogs, chocolate bark, chocolate covered pretzels and fudge.
  • Try the chocolate covered apricots at some point.
  • There are a lot of seasonal options near the holidays.

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One thought on “Friesinger’s Fine Chocolates

  1. Wow…this reminds me of my child growing up in Ocala,Florida. My mother used to make these candies. Is there any way to order “polywog candy”? My name is Leon Roberts please phone me at (863) 414~5582 this is a Florida phone number

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