Hot Head Burritos

3800 Colonel Glenn Highway
Fairborn, OH 45324

Hot Head Burritos is an ambitious Dayton upstart with a mission in mind. The chain of tex-mex style fast food opened in 2007 in Huber Heights and plans to expand as quickly as possible. The store has about 14 restaurants as of summer 2011, with the plan to outnumber Chipotle’s hundreds of locations within years. That kind of spunk requires a lot of good food to back it up, and I have to say this place has a lot of similarity to its larger competitor, but has a very different local take which is definitely worth a try.

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The burrito bar is overflowing with options; the basic building blocks, the meats are amazing; there is a seasoned chicken option that is seriously well cooked, and a shredded pork option which is completely amazing. For a little more money you’ll also be able to get chopped steak, too. There are a handful of meat options; I haven’t found one I didn’t like. I’m a big fan of the burrito options; these are enormous and I have to complement how tasty they are.

The options also come with a healthy possible assortment of vegetables. Unusually I found the black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and other options to be fresh and outstanding. I definitely think the black beans are a must on your options. The number of other things you can put on your burrito are all great. I like the sour cream, the cheese, the rice, I liked how all of it was prepared. I don’t know how much of it is homemade and what is store bought but I know I load up my burrito every time, almost to its exploding point. There are a bunch of other sauces to try on the burrito of various spiciness, but one of them is better than the rest. The Hot Head sauce is at the exact middle of the spectrum of spiciness. It’s got a very unique, creamy but spicy flavor. It’s clear to me the place lives up to its name and it sells primarily spicy burritos.

The options are highly customizable, tacos and burritos and things like that, and I would contend a lot of different things on the menu are worth a try. The atmosphere and the service is good, it’s got the feel of a casual dining place and the people who work there are especially friendly at the locations I’ve visited.

Hot Head Burritos has a lot going for it, and I can see it being successful in a lot of markets. At the same time, though, some of these charms might be at risk as the chain grows and becomes more corporate. I hope the spark which makes this place so special is not lost in growth.


  • Custom-made burritos are the main item on the menu, but tacos and other things like that can be bought too.
  • There are “frequent customer” cards I would definitely recommend getting if you like this place.
  • There is plenty of dine in space, but the burritos are definitely packed for convenience.

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