The Donut Haus

305 West Central Avenue
Springboro OH 45066
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Tucked into a small strip near Springboro’s main stretch, The Donut Haus Bakery & Custom Cakes is a home-grown doughnut shop bringing early risers some much needed pastry pleasure. The tiny little shop has a modest selection of glazed and sprinkled goods, from doughnuts and cinnamon rolls to cream cones, and is highly appreciated by locals as a treasured gem of the town. There are a lot of old-types who have been patronizing the place for years as the only place they’ll go to get their morning started. I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on the bandwagon.

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The pastries vary by type, I think. The donuts are light and fluffy, but I can’t help but note they aren’t that distinct. Kind of a simple dough in a basic glaze. I like the glaze, but the basic doughnut itself is unremarkable to me; kind of like the type of doughnuts that come out of a vending machine. I’m really not a fan of them. The other pastries are markedly better, though. I do like the cinnamon rolls. I like the cream cone (though it is a little heavy on the powdered sugar) and all in all, the assortment of pasties is pretty good.

The Haus has expanded its service in recent years to include cake services. I’ve tried the average cake offerings, and I do like them. The magic is in the icing; Donut Haus does a lot of good topping its pastries. I will complain that the Danish and other jelly filled things aren’t my favorite, but the creme-filled eclairs are good.

The place offers coffee, but this is nothing special; it doesn’t taste particularly local and I feel like it tastes a little weak. The Haus has a lot of bakery items which are quality, but the other things on the menu (like the coffee) aren’t especially good.

The atmosphere of the Donut Haus is the thing that keeps people coming back. It’s a very small and modest-sized place, but it’s always filled by a steady stream of regulars, older residents of town or families or people on their way to work; I’ve come by here at lots of different times of the day to find it is never wanting for business.

Service is decent; during the day it is often staffed with older bakers and during the summers they are supplemented with high schoolers and other locals. These people are generally pretty good at what they do, though coming around over several years I feel like the service has only been so-so.


  • The Donut Haus has a very small store by itself; the place seems more catered to takeout.
  • I like a lot of the iced pastries, cinnamon rolls and other things, but personally I’d skip over the plain doughnuts.
  • There are a number of cakes and other bakery items which are good. Donut Haus is more than just a doughnut shop.

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