Tsao’s Cuisine

3989 Colonel Glenn Highway
Fairborn, OH 45324

A small dive along the Colonel Glenn Highway, it’s easy to miss Tso’s Cuisine, wedged between shops at a major intersection. But this place has a firm grip on local business. Right across the street from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as well as Wright State University, Tso’s Cuisine caters primarily to the patron looking for a quick bite. Its small but diverse buffet has a lot of different kinds of menu items, many of which are fried or stir fried in a very good sauce. It’s a very humble little business which I suspect has been a well-kept secret for locals for quite some time.

Chinese food buffet

So, the basic dishes are on the menu here in addition to a number of others. Basic fried items, like egg rolls and crab Rangoon are great, as is both normal and fried rice. Much of the food here is either fried or stir fried, and I didn’t see a lot of options for someone seeking a healthier menu. There is a healthy array of stir fried vegetables, though, and they make excellent side dishes. For such a small buffet, the variety of items is exceptional. Everything is very distinct.

The main course meats are a mixed bag. There is a pepper chicken which is a little bit over the top. It could do with a lot less seasoning. There are also fried shrimp but they have a little too much pepper. I was very impressed by many of the other chicken dishes, but I found some of them, namely the spare ribs, had a little too much fat which gummed them up. With these exceptions, though, the meat dishes you will find are spectacular. In spite of their hit-and-miss nature, I would say overall you will have a good experience with them.

I also enjoyed the vegetables, which says a lot about such a little buffet. They are crispy and still packed with flavor. They aren’t too greasy or drowned out in sauce; Tso’s does a very good job of maintaining their natural flavors in spite of the preparation method. I wish I could say the same of the soups though, I was less than impressed by the eggdrop soup in particular. I have to say though, I filled up quickly in this place. In spite of these complaints, the overall buffet is excellent and I would say most of the dishes were done very well.

Service is good, and the staff are very friendly and helpful, even being so polite as to keep lost items behind the desk to ensure they were returned to owners who had forgotten them. My compliments. All in all this is a great place deserving of a try.

  • There is a military discount for local airmen to dine in. As close as it is to the base, this place makes for a good lunch or dinner to fill up.
  • Though it does not offer delivery, there is a carry out service.
  • There’s also a party room if you want to bring a large group.

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One thought on “Tsao’s Cuisine

  1. Tsao’s is great. Based on your review I’m not sure why it only received 3 stars. IMO both standalone and when compared to similiar restaurants (and lord knows there are plenty of Chinese buffets) Tsao’s is a 4 star experience on the value scale (price/quality).

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