Campus Pollyeye’s

440 East Court Street
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

As the local side of Bowling Green digs into Pagliai’s Pizza to the south of town, the college crowd at Bowling Green State University prefers Campus Pollyeye’s to the north. Campus Pollyeye’s is originally an offshoot of the other location (with spelling adjusted to be easier to remember, according to its website) and it has evolved an entirely different sort of menu. In a more traditionally college twist, this pizza place is actually known more for its stuffed breadsticks, which it delivers late into the night and which are highly customizable to your tastes.


So, I know the place has pizza but if you’re trying it for the first time, then that isn’t what you want to try. Not that it’s bad at all, it’s just not the best item on the menu. You see, the stuffed breadsticks are what BG alums constantly chatter to me about. So I tried those. You can put just about anything on your mind in the breadsticks, (cheese, pepperoni, chicken) and the sauce they come with (ranch, cheese, etc.) and have them delivered to you late on a Saturday night. The breadsticks are enormous and the five-pack is easily a meal in and of itself. Some dipping sauces go with some stuffing options and others don’t. What you get can radically change your experience. I suggest the chicken with the ranch or the pepperoni with marinara. Natural combinations are always a safe choice.

I mean, one could argue Campus Pollyeye’s is just college drunk food, and I suppose the jury’s still out as far as I know. Fact is, the sticky are just doughy enough to be filling and have just enough ingredients added to make them very flavorful. I, however, think they are perfectly good with or without alcohol in your system.

I will warn you the delivery times get a little long on weekends, a product, I’m sure, of the sheer quantity of patrons who are also thinking it’s a good time for stuffed breadsticks. I will say that the service is very friendly. The people are talkative and helpful with the menu, and though it is a delivery-centered business, they are also approachable when you’re not quite sure what to try.

I found the prices were pretty reasonable too. This is definitely a place aiming toward a younger crowd. I would highly suggest you bring your younger friends here, though the place is highly aimed at delivery, and there aren’t a lot of accommodations for dining in. It’s the nature of a college-food oriented place. Still, I like to think of Campus Pollyeye’s as a breath of fresh air; a pizza place with something truly different to offer. I can see what BGSU students see in this place and I’m inclined to say I like it, too.


  • Also, get them delivered.
  • This is more of a college kid place; I would say an older crowd would probably be inclined for something else.

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