Grounds for Thought

174 South Main Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402

As one of Bowling Green’s many downtown businesses, Grounds for Thought has carved out a niche as a popular studying spot for students of Bowling Green State University. The tiny hole in the wall is not only a bookstore but a micro roastery importing a variety of beans from South America, Africa and Europe to brew for locals and serve in elaborate drinks (which by the way are often served in beer mugs.) I know there are plenty of coffee houses that double as book shops bu this one just has a unique feel to it.

The coffee is a very tasty blend, I only tried a few of the flavors, but I did like them. I’ve begun to pick up this acute taste for good coffee since I started trying to evaluate it, and this stuff tastes distinctly different from your average run-of-the-mill store bought variety. it’s different from other coffee shops, too. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I can definitively say you will taste new coffee here. While there are a few food items on the menu too, I would suggest finding a place to eat elsewhere; this place definitely caters to making a really good coffee or tea drink; it doesn’t really have a developed menu of foods. That’s kind of understandable, though, considering this is a bookstore, and they really are trying to sell books.

There are a lot of little things this place does to feel extra comfortable for visitors. There are little tables and chairs tucked into every corner of the place, some gathered around the front window and others toward the back of the store, out of sight. There are plenty of bookshelves with new and used reads, and a lot of board games, LPs and other things to look at while in the shop. It’ s such a funny feeling, like a restaurant inside a library. There is even a big soundproof study room for groups; it’s not a huge place but it’s very comfortable.

Service is also very nice. There’s a difficulty the average person has traditionally noticed in coffee shops; it can often feel like you and the barrista are speaking two different languages, and you feel stupid asking the difference between an americano and a macciato and a frappé. This is not one of those places. You feel comfortable asking basic questions. That’s a mark of good service I find commendable.

This is a good place to stop by for a cup of coffee. Consider is if you’re in the area.


  • The coffee here is outstanding. Come with that in mind and don’t be afraid to try something new.
  • There are also beans for sale if you like to take it home and brew it yourself.
  • The atmosphere is a good place to bring a small group of friends or a date, but there isn’t a lot of accomodation for larger groups.

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