Zachary’s Subs

Wood County Fair food cart
13800 W Poe Rd
Bowling Green, OH 43402

As I’ve said before, I generally avoid reviewing fair food because so often it is only offered one week out of the year and therefore isn’t a full or partial service restaurant, but for Zachary’s Subs I am making an exception, first because it’s begun to appear all over the region over the course of the summer and second because it’s such an institution I’d be doing a disservice by overlooking it. I can’t find a website or contact info for you, all I know is the place is at the Wood County Fair every year and that it draws a lot of people, year after year.

So the menu is very straightforward, just a few different kinds of subs. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the place draws huge crowds for a reason: it’s just so good. Meats served over cheeses and crisp vegetables, each sub is huge and filling, and amazingly simple. The secret is a vinagrette-like sauce, everyone says so, and this sauce is tart but seems to go perfectly with the other ingredients; it’s better than what you’re imagining, believe me.

There are essentially no other items on the menu, but that’s just fine given the subs are the star attraction. I should also note this place used to be “Scotty’s Subs” and has stayed in business for almost 40 years under owner Scott McRill. That is impressive in and of itself, given the high turnover rate of food carts, especially those around rural fairgrounds which see so little business. If you happen upon the bright orange and brown cart at the Wood County Fair or any other event, make sure to stop by.

What to try: Any of the subs are an outstanding option, so long as you get as much sauce as you can.


14 thoughts on “Zachary’s Subs

      1. yes, those subs are great. We traveled from Chicago just to have a sub from Scott. a few years ago.
        It was worth the miles to have that sandwich. It is the best.

      2. Yes, Scotty’s subs are the best. We traveled from Chicago a few years ago, just to have one of them. It was worth the miles. Everyone – give them a try.

      3. Yes, Scottys subs are great. We traveled from Chicago just to have one of themj. It was worth all the miles. Everyone should try them.

  1. Yes, Scotty ‘s subs are the best.. We traveled from Chicago a few years ago, and it was worth the miles. Everyone should give them a try.

  2. yeah Scott McRill has been the true owner since the 70’s changes and adds new thing from time to time and the name Zachary came from his grandson who he is very fond of and also has dedicated staff who has seen us all grow up

  3. Best subs around. Worth waiting in the long lines that block the midway.excellent subs excellent people fast service. If you are lucky enough to get a zachary sub and meet scotty you are in for a special treat.
    Gene Kirby

  4. I have had a lot of subs in my life, but none better than Zackery’s. He has this special sause and this makes his subs GREAT!!!

  5. I heard that you’re not at the Hancock County fair this year – why ? Since I was a kid, that’s been my most favorite thing to eat there.

    1. Not at the Hancock Cty Fair; however, they will be at the Wyandot Cty Fair, so you can catch them in Upper Sandusky instead. 🙂

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