Commentary: Yes. That’s fried butter.

Good lord. They can fry just about anything these days.

Journalists had a field day at the Iowa State Fair last week covering the outrageous foods. Among them is fried butter, which apparently was sold by none other than a paramedic. Oh, Paramedics.

I’m a new fair attendee myself. I went to the Athens County Fair last year, and this year I hit the Wood County Fair, both in Ohio. I saw some crazy stuff compared to what I normally eat. I’m used to fried pickles and fried cheese, though, so my palette for these things is expanding. I mean, my mantra here is that I will eat anything. That sounds fine on paper until I come across monkey brains. Or fried butter.

So, I’m not going to smack you on the hand and tell you not to eat this. Do whatever you want. I get a laugh out of EpicMealTime‘s famously excessive menu items, and I’m surprised they didn’t think this thing up first. Not since the Double Down has such an outrageous food found its way into the mainstream though. Still, you probably won’t see that gracing the pages of this site any time soon…I want to go work out just looking at it.

What outrageous fair foods have you encountered? Let us know — comment or email to


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