Frank’s Famous French Fries & Hot Dogs

601 East Crocker Street
Bradner, OH 43408

Food trucks are on the rise in popularity in the United States, and places which once were very seasonal attractions are expanding their service to operating during more times of the year. Frank’s Famous Fries is among them. The “chain” of several identical food trucks is prowling the Toledo area throughout the summer. They keep their highest visibility at county fairs and other big events around the area; if there’s a big event in the area, you’re very likely to find Frank’s there.

The cuisine is a pretty simple collection of “fair food.” Cheese fries, fried cheese,and of course hot dogs and french fries. Very vinegary fries. The little snack foods are great, from the homemade fries to the very tasty corn dogs. You can buy these things from a hundred stores, but the homemade versions are just that much better. Frank’s Famous stuff is just what you’d imagine from fair food: greasy, tasty and delightful. I suppose I should make the caveat that this place should be avoided for lack of any really redeeming health foods, but that’s not exactly the point of a fair, and this is at heart a fair-centric operation.

My only gripe is things are a little overpriced. I would have just assumed it’s the cost of food at events like the fair, but if a place like this is trying to compete with eateries outside the fair circuit, it should expect more realistic prices to come with the territory too. Otherwise the food loses its value.

I try to avoid reviewing fair-only food places because those food carts aren’t full or partial-service restaurants, but you’ll find traditionally fair-only venues like this one branching out more and more into the mainstream restaurant scene. Expect great things from places like this.
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