Cygnet Pizza & Subs

206 Front Street
Cygnet, OH 43413

As the epitome of a hole-in-the-wall, Cygnet Pizza & Subs serves the tiny northwest Ohio hamlet of 550. It’s one of only a few businesses in the area, surrounded by corn fields, roadways, and small, isolated clutches of homes. It’s hard not to be attracted to a place like this when there isn’t another option for miles. Right along the I-75 corridor, Cygnet is a quick trip from Findlay to the south and Bowling Green, and eventually Toledo to the north.

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The menu is fairly straightforward; subs and pizzas and a few other simple comforts. A simple Italian menu is nice, considering the place is primarily a delivery venue. There’s next to no seating in the tiny restaurant, and it seems definitely aimed at catering to the very remote local population in their own homes. I suppose Gordon Ramsay would call the place “rustic” if he ever came to visit.

While I can’t call the pizza gourmet it is definitely good. Very simple. It’s got a good crust and plenty of cheese and toppings. It’s your standard Americanized pie; not heavy on the artistry but it tastes great and will fill your stomach. For the locals it’s clearly good enough and I’m inclined to say that’s a good thing.

The other options are good, too. There are pizza sticks (breadsticks filled with cheese and pepperoni) and chicken strips and a lot of simple appetizers. If the place sounds more and more like a place high school kids go to eat, it probably is. Simple as these things may sound, they’re good too. Easier things to make, but they deserve credit when done well, nonetheless. You find a hundred places like this in a city and might be apt to pass them up, but when there is just one within delivery range you grow to appreciate it for what it is.

Compared with other pizza places, I’ll admit, this is nothing special. Cygnet Pizza thrives because of its lack of competition, and its delivery business keeps it thriving. I do like the place, but if we’re comparing it to the other pizza places I’ve tried, it’s about in the middle of the pack, especially considering how many more pizza places are up the road in Bowling Green.

Service is good, the pizzas don’t take a terribly long time to finish and the place is usually crewed by local high schoolers on weekdays. I suppose I can’t really credit it for that considering there aren’t many alternatives, but the tiny town of Cygnet should have a pride to call a place like  this its own. If you live in this area, Cygnet pizza is worth a try.


  • This is a delivery business, almost exclusively. There are few to no seating options when you show up, and you should expect to get a pizza and go.
  • The food is simple but don’t undervalue it; it’s really pretty good.
  • Don’t just get pizza, try some other items on the menu. You’ll be impressed.

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One thought on “Cygnet Pizza & Subs

  1. i just had a pizza delivery my pizza’s crust was burnt and hard i have not had pizza from cygnet
    for a while.I was disappointed. It was also very greasy. can i get a cupond for my pizza
    sincerely Carolyn Jordan

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