Commentary: The missing meal

When was the last time you ate breakfast at a restaurant before work? Have you done that this past year? Have you ever done that?

I do a lot of talking about where you should stop in for lunch or dinner over the course of my reviews. In fact, about three in a hundred reviews posted here is for a breakfast place. Turns out I’m right in tune with my viewership…in a recent Eatocracy poll, only 1.6 percent of 15,000 people said they regularly eat breakfast in a restaurant. Granted, only 70-90 percent of Americans regularly eat breakfast but almost none of them can say they enjoy a sit-down meal when they wake up.

In fact, the “war on breakfast” has gone on for years and years, with some importing it’s the most important meal of the day while others disagree. Even Cracked has something to say, and the back and forth about whether or not the meal is essential to health always continues. But anyway, I’m not here to discuss the health and merits of eating breakfast. I have more important things to do on this site.

Like eat all of this.

A byproduct of the 9-to-5 lifestyle of the standard American, the typical breakfast is consumed either during the morning commute or in the office, on the fly as the workday begins. Very few people have the time to eat in the morning. It’s just not workable. And thus, except for the scattered few diners and coffee shops around the country, most of the best restaurants in town open for lunch and no sooner.

I admit, this is my standard breakfast too. Something plain and simple to get me through to lunch hour. Coffee is my friend, too. But I do have a suggestion for you. Some morning, when you have the time, stop in at a little local coffee place for a light, early morning meal. Get something quick, and see just what you think of the experience. Bring a friend. Maybe you’ll find your morning off to an extra splendid start.

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