Dojo Gelato

137 Elder Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

In the heart of downtown Cincinnati, the Findlay Market is a historic marker awash with Cincinnati culture. It sports street vendors in abundance with homemade goods, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and small product dealers. Among the anchors of the market, Dojo Gelato is a small but attractive little stand hoping to bring some cool treats to the market for shoppers browsing for other goods. The line gets particularly long on the hottest days of the year.

Gelato: 2 flavors for $4.00

Among the dozen or so flavors of Gelato Dojo offers, most are fruity and light. The chocolate gelato is a heavier taste, but it’s certainly got a similar texture to ice cream, and the gelato flavors are overall very good. Among them are a very tart lime (almost too tart fora lot of it at once — I’d suggest you try to get a different flavor with this one) and a very sweet peaches and cinnamon. It’s a very interesting combination, and it almost reminds me of frozen applesauce. Nonetheless, the gelato flavors are very different, and sampling them is definitely neat.

Market crawlers will enjoy the concept of gelato, which has more natural flavor than ice cream and is thicker. Dojo advertises that it uses natural flavors only, shunning artificial sweeteners. Additionally, it uses local farmers as much as possible. Though it’s a little pricier than the average cold treat, Dojo has a lot of benefits to eating which make the extra change worth the purchase. Overall a great place to try.

I should note that according to its website, Dojo will cater events and make ice cream cakes when given advance notice. That’s a nice touch.

Suggested flavors: Peaches & Cinnamon is a light but sweet option, and the chocolate flavor is a very sweet reminder of ice cream.

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