My Favorite Muffin

175 East Alex Bell Road Suite 220
Centerville OH 45459

My Favorite Muffin is a developed chain of bagel places sparsely covering the country. There will soon be 100 locations around the United States, thanks much in part to a popular breakfast bagel menu bringing in a hefty lunch crowd. My Favorite Muffin primarily makes bagel sandwiches and coffee with hours strictly in mornings and early afternoons, but it also sells its bagels by the dozen in a multitude of varieties. Also, each location is locally and independently owned and operated, giving what otherwise sounds like a big bad chain a local flavor.

The menu of bagel sandwiches come in many varieties, most based in New York-style fast food. Not surprisingly, the bagels themselves are outstanding and I highly recommend them; discounted “day old” bagels are cheaper but they stay good for a long time. There are onion and asiago cheese varieties for savory options, and sweeter blueberry or cinnamon bagels for sweet teeth. This place has more varieties of bagel than I have seen anywhere else, and I have to say, I never tasted a bagel I didn’t like from here. All of them are good base flavors, though I suppose that also depends on what you put in each.

Bagel sandwiches are a little more expensive than I am used to, but I guess that’s a sign of the times. The meats in them are fresh, the vegetables are fresh, and altogether they taste pretty good. The menu is relatively average in terms of size and variety, but it does have the appeal of a variety of healthy options. Most of the menu items are designed to be decent breakfasts or light lunches. They’re pretty good at that, but it also means they aren’t terribly filling.

Service is average. There are usually a lot of people working busy breakfast and lunch hours, so you can’t expect a lot more than assembly line-style efforts. The restaurant is a walk up counter so there aren’t servers, and I get the idea coming back time and again that things feel a little impersonal. That’s the cost, I suppose, of such a busy and commericlaized chain.

The environment is pleasant, too. Despite a flashy and artificial-looking menu, the locale is decorated by paintings and photography from local artists. It also is crowded with plenty of little indoor and outdoor chairs for small groups to congregate over coffee and a bagel and chat. That kind of friendly atmosphere can be commended, this is definitely a nice place to sit and chat and enjoy a day with a small group of friends or family. It’s definitely a safe bet to try on a pleasant day.


  • Come in early if possible, since things get busy during lunch hour and the store often closes mid-afternoon.
  • Day-old bagels are fresh for a shorter amount of time, but don’t hesitate to pick them up for cheaper prices.
  • This place seems to cater to families and small groups.

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Muffin

  1. My entire family has grown up with My Favorite Muffin over the years from when they were babies to now when they are in their high school years. The employees here are like family! We celebrate graduations together, we’ve had hoiday parties together, they even had balloons and a card for me on my birthday. They greet their regular customers by name and make a point to be friendly. I call it my satellite office and we joke that they are a line item on our family budget — only because we love going there so much and we do have 3 growing boys that can put it away. They’ve enjoyed introducing My Favorite Muffin to their friends. And yes…the food is great! We’ve made some great friendships over the years with the staff and regular customers. It’s a very friendly and caring place. Try it!

  2. I enjoyed your article regarding My Favorite Muffin & Bagel Cafe’ but I will have to disagree with one of your comments; “… I get the idea coming back time and again that things feel a little impersonal. That’s the cost, I suppose, of such a busy and commericlaized chain.” It sounds to me like you visited the Cafe’ on a weekend and your experience may have given you that impression. I know during the week there are regular customers who come in daily to receive their “special” treatment from the regular servers (Cynthia & Jazzmeen) and many come in repeatedly to visit with the owner (Shelly). Shelly takes a personal interest in many of her customers…their families… their stories… their daily struggles… and she knows most of them by their first name. Her weekday crew is older and more experienced whereas her weekend crew is younger and usually college students working for the summer months. Also, during the week, they are open until 5:30pm and do not close mid-afternoon. I hope my comments provide a little more insight into the Cafe’.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I’ve been visiting this place off an on for about 10 years, and I have found that things here when I came through at first were more friendly. The crux of my criticism lies in just that; 10 years of coming through and I’ve never been recognized, even when I came in weekly to buy bagels. While I can imagine the regulars get quite good service from the employees who are used to them, I would also hope the average person coming through would find the same experience. I have had a hard time seeing that.

  3. How do you think the average customer became the frequent regulars? It is true that the weekends are a bit more hectic and not the same experience as during the week. I don’t know how long ago when Shelly and Rick became the new owners but it certaintly wasn’t 10 years ago. I believe they just celebrated a 5 years anniversary. I would challenge you to try it again for a few mornings and sit for awhile. It’s a great place.

    1. Having taken your advice and gone to a few different locations of My Favorite Muffin, I have to feel like I have confirmed my feelings about the place. In trying to get an accurate depiction for the entirety of the chain, I find a lot of the places operate with the same shortcomings. While I find this location has clearly gained a positive following, it does not seem to be the norm, and many of the other locations seem significantly more franchised. Thank you for your advice though, I am more than happy to continue going to the bagel place and will gladly adjust my review accordingly if I feel a change of the standard experience has occurred.

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