Cadillac Jack’s Sports Bar & Grill (CLOSED)

9400 Springboro Pike
Centerville, OH 45342
website2 stars

A startup chain currently operating three locations around Dayton, Cadillac Jack’s Sports Bar & Grill sports a very lively atmosphere and a vibrant decorum that will leave you reeling, and a huge menu of beers and burgers. It’s definitely a place for younger people and strives to be a popular nightspot. The food here is the same kind of bar food you’d find at any other chain, primarily burgers and wings and pizza. It seems like this place tries hard not to seem local, and with the exception of Bengal’s paraphernalia, you’d never know you were in Dayton once you walked in.

With a dozen different burgers, it was hard to try to find the one Cadillac Jack’s did especially well. But a burger is a burger I suppose, and the accoutrements are just an accent. The burger was good, and a fairly average offering. I tried the mushroom and swiss version, and it wasn’t bad. The burger is huge and the variety of vegetables in it were fresh enough, and overall the burgers are pretty good.

A few other options on the menu leave me wondering, though, especially with the fried items. The fries were plain and the jalapeno poppers, which I tried, were all right enough. The problem, unfortunately, was just that: everything was just OK. It wasn’t a remarkable experience, things weren’t terribly good nor terribly bad, they were just average. If that is a purposeful attempt to make this place seem like all the others like it, maybe this is a good thing. But I can’t emphasize enough just how much it all felt so average.

In an atmosphere so vibrant, I have to say the multitude of televisions, neon lights and sports flair does make the place exciting, but it can also be a tad confusing or noisy for a person looking for something a little more down to earth. I would definitely say groups of young guys or couples would love a place like this to watch a game, but older groups or families should probably avoid it.

Service was average too, which was disappointing. The servers seemed like drones, here’s your menu. Here’s your food. Here’s some extra water. Nothing else to say. It’s a shame a place that seems aimed at a vibrant, social atmosphere seems to minimize itself so much in practice; in the end, I don’t have a compelling reason to say not to go to this place, nor do I have a compelling reason to say to come back.


  • Burgers are good, and the other bar food is good. It’s a safe bet to come here if you want a run-of-the-mill good night.
  • Definitely a place to take a younger crowd, the atmosphere can be great and obviously conducive to sports.
  • If you can, get a booth. There are a lot of awkward table seats set up right in front of a TV and you’ll feel like people are staring at you all night.

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