Butter Cafe

1106 Brown Street
Dayton, OH 45409

Eateries close to college campuses frequently sport progressive menus and dishes which cater to a variety of students and locals alike. Butter Cafe, nestled a few miles from downtown Dayton and a block from University of Dayton’s campus. This place totes its sustainable menu, environmentally conscious as well as “animal friendly.” Butter Cafe does a lot of breakfast and lunch items, and it seems packed to the gills with people of all ages looking for a pleasant atmosphere and some good breakfast or lunch food.

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Breakfast is the top item on the menu, and breakfast seems to be what Butter Cafe does best. The variety of delicious food items ranging from pancakes and french toast to (free range) omelettes and organic dairy and yogurt.

  • Pancakes: The pancakes are very good, and relatively inexpensive considering their ingredients. They are huge, and in the case of the cinnamon sugar version I bought, very crunchy. They had cinnamon both cooked into them and dusted atop and between them. Served hot and with a dollop of quickly melting organic butter. It’s more than enough for one person to eat and very sweet. A great breakfast or lunch.
  • Mexican Omelette: The omelettes and potatoes are good. The omelette is cooked well and it has decent ingredients but its a little bland. The home fries are decent and they add quite a bit of zest to the meal but in the end the whole plate comes off as a little bland. But, I should add, the biscuits are amazing, buttery and fluffy and a wonderful item to taste.
  • French toast: Simple, delightful breakfast, not too sweet, with a nice grill on that toast. But not too eggy. Great with coffee.

The small things about the place are what irk me. The floor is very dirty and sticky. The water, which is served in milk jugs and jam jars to give an aura of sustainability, actually just comes from the same soft drink machine as any other restaurant. And, while the place ascribes to the “slow food movement,” the food takes an unusually long time to arrive. It’s especially troubling given the small little atmosphere leaves you feeling cramped. All of these things are forgivable, though, if good pancakes are all you have in mind. Regardless, I have to confess I will be coming back again for those pancakes…


  • Come here in the morning for breakfast or early lunch. The dining space is small and seems to be filled quickly during lunch hour.
  • The pancakes are the best item on the menu, give them a try first.
  • The eatery ascribes to the “slow food movement,” I would suggest expecting to wait a little on your food.

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3 thoughts on “Butter Cafe

  1. I had french toast here and they were amazing! I have to agree with you on the venue….I was disappointed at the cleanliness/atmosphere. You can do “small-town cozy” a little neater than that!

  2. Wonderful food! So many choices. I loved the omelet, and the chai dipped French toast was amazing!! My brother loved his burger. Great vegan GF cupcakes, wonderful drinks. Like the lady above mentioned, the cleanliness was not good. There were flies around me that I constantly had to swat and I was afraid would get on my food making me sick. They need to pay attention to things like that.

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