New Young Chow Restaurant

232 West Central Avenue
Springboro, OH 45066
websiteNew Young Chow (Springboro, OH)

For about 10 years, New Young Chow Restaurant has been a staple of the Chinese food scene in Springboro, Ohio. In a town which has seen immense growth and a lot of other Chinese places set up shop, this place has weathered competition extremely well. With three competitors within a few miles (including one across the street) New Young Chow has picked a niche: fast takeout and the addition of a Japanese menu that serves, among other things, fresh sushi. New Young Chow is one of my favorite places for Chinese food.

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In general, I have tried to steer clear of General Tso’s Chicken of late, despite its popularity among American palettes it’s not terribly creative or difficult to make, and it’s really not that healthy. New Young Chow is an exception to this. Because this place has the best take on the dish I’ve ever eaten. It’s got a very sweet sauce that can be easily blended to make it spicy, while the abundantly crunchy chicken always hits the spot. The massive amount you get per serving means you’ll always have leftovers, and astoundingly the food is just as good, if not better, after a day or two in the fridge.

As much as I love the General Tso’s Chicken, there are plenty of other strong dishes on the menu. Kung Pao Beef, grilled with vegetables in a tart sauce, is another great dish because it incorporates plenty of crispy vegetables with the crunch of fresh peanuts. The very, very fresh and crunchy War Su Gai dish, boneless breaded chicken in a pleasant almond sauce, is excellent here, and this is coming from a person who otherwise is not impressed by other places’ takes on the dish.

Another of the strengths of New Young Chow rests in its appetizers. Complementary egg rolls are provided with each order, and a large menu of other options are also available. I would suggest capitalizing on that offer. Tart crab Rangoon served with a sweet sauce happens to be my favorite here.

The restaurant has come under new management recently, and a makeover in the environment has accentuated an all-new, friendlier and more helpful service. The food comes very quickly all the time, and its always accompanied by a smile and constant checks to ensure you are enjoying your meal. Even the little things make the experience pleasant, from little jokes to extra fortune cookies, New Young Chow has all the little extras to ensure your experience is a pleasant one. I think I can easily say New Young Chow has one of the best all-around dining experiences for a Chinese place.


  • New Young Chow is best known for its quick and popular take-out options. It’s the one Chinese food place in town that seems to specialize in this.
  • A newly-opened sushi bar in the restaurant also offers some of the only fresh sushi in town.
  • Definitely give the General Tso’s Chicken a try, it’s always a good bet.

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