El Rancho Grande

3070 Presidential Dr.
Fairborn, OH 45324

For about 10 years, New Young Chow Restaurant has been a staple of the Chinese food scene in Springboro, Ohio. In a town which has seen immense growth and a lot of other Chinese places set up shop, this place has weathered competition extremely well. With three competitors within a few miles (including one across the street) New Young Chow has picked a niche: fast takeout and the addition of a Japanese menu that serves, among other things, fresh sushi. New Young Chow is one of my favorite places for Chinese food.

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The simplicity of the dishes adds a great deal of appeal. The food is cheap, simple, and good. El Rancho Grande enjoys a simple environment and it’s clear business is steady here, especially during lunch. This is not surprising. The food here is very tasty. Crispy chips and tart salsa begin the meal, as in so many other tex-mex places. The salsa especially is fresh and spicy.

All of the food has a simple flavor, but freshness makes it all that much better. The tortillas have good flavor. The meat is cooked well. Everything tastes great, but I also have to admit it all did come off with a slightly bland flavor. Simplicity made for a good flavor as far as freshness is concerned, but I did find a blandness prevalent in all of the things I tried. A little more spice or even salt would give things a little more flavor. While I have to say such a lack of seasoning would be advantageous if the goal was a healthier dish, but in this instance I think it does more harm than good.

They have a number of specials and coupons out at any one time. My first experience here was with the lunch chimichanga. Despite being there in the middle of the lunch rush hour, we were surprised to find out food come very quickly, hot out of the kitchen. Quick service was a plus, but more impressive, the crunchy tortilla was still sizzling. It said something very good about the servers to push things though the kitchen so quickly, and to allow me to have a very fresh experience in the middle of the busiest rush of the day.

The aforementioned experience speaks a lot about the good service here, but I have to further complement the constant attention I receive here. It’s consistent; you’ll get your order taken quickly, your drinks constantly refilled, and your bill very quickly. It’s overall above average, and it does a great job of positively impacting one’s experience at the place.


  • There are a number of lunch specials and coupons available in the papers and on the menu. You can get a very, very cheap meal here if you’re smart.
  • This is a place where a huge number of college kids and airmen go for lunch. Especially when school is in session, I suggest avoiding lunch hour if you can.
  • If you must come here at peak hours, I would say you can rely on fast service in spite of the noise and crowds.

El Rancho Grande on Urbanspoon (In Dayton)
El Rancho Grande on Urbanspoon (In Cincinnati)

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