AFC celebrates one year!!!

I’m very happy to say that, as of today, Another Food Critic has been providing the most down-to-earth, neutral and comprehensive restaurant reviews for the southern Ohio and beyond. In one year I’m happy to say I’ve brought you 87 reviews. The site has seen over 9,300 visitors, and my work has been featured in The Post in Athens, Ohio, as well as The Independent Restaurateur, a national trade publication which caters to independent restaurant owners. Viewers have come in through search engines as well as AFC’s Yelp! profile and Twitter account, each of which has several hundred more hits from curious locals seeking dining advice.

In the coming year, expect me to continue providing you comprehensive and honest reviews of a variety of restaurants throughout south Ohio. Moreover, I hope to bring more commentary and other items into the fold, and make this site more than a restaurant aggregation and move toward making it more interactive and more engaging for you, the reader. I hope you’ll eventually find this site to be useful for more news and updates in the culinary universe, both locally and throughout the world. I also hope to post more often and more regularly, so every time you come back there’s something new to read or enjoy.

As always, I welcome your feedback. Send me any and all comments about my reviews and what you’d like to see on Another Food Critic, either here on the site, via Twitter, or on my email: It’s given me great pleasure to review the restaurants around your community, and I look forward to your continued interest.

-Another Food Critic


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