Greek Isle Deli

5524 Airway Road
Dayton, OH 45431

Re-opened in 2003, Greek Isle Deli is a pleasant little Mediterranean dive across the street from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. A hotspot for airmen and government employees looking for a little lunch, Greek Isle Deli serves up gyros, pitas, kababs, and a large menu of other items. As a small, family-run operation, it also offers catering, box lunches, bulk orders and a monthly all- you-can-eat buffet of foods to bring in east Dayton residents for a little flatbread and some grilled meat.

Cheese Steak Pita: $4.90

Grilled pitas are the mainstay and largest portion on the menu. And there are a variety of options for meats, vegetables, and other things to top them. One would expect the standard lamb pita would be the standard offering, but instead there are a dozen ways to make turkey, roast beef, chicken, and humus for a meal. With so many options, the meat is no less delicious. Expertly grilled, I was particularly impressed with the creativity in the different options. A few desert options make a pleasant capstone to the dining experience. Cookies and baklava are among the items to sample and they’re nothing less than superb. Soft, crumbly and warm, the few different varieties of cookie are all wonderful; they taste just like they are homemade. Very satisfying.

What is more impressive is how well people seem to enjoy the diverse menu. I’ve noted people ordering items all over the menu; Greek salads, soups, and flatbread items alike. People seemed to order, and like, every item on the menu. It impresses me when a place has a well-rounded menu as opposed to one special item everyone likes and then ignores the rest of the menu.

I would say, though, as good as the food is, it isn’t terribly filling. If there was some kind of a “meal” option with a side dish or something like that this place would be a good place for anyone, but as it stands, healthy eaters will enjoy this place best, since it has just so many healthy options for the conscious eater.

Service was good as well, food was made quickly and efficiently and most everyone got their meals in a few minutes no matter what the content, to the restaurant’s credit. This is definitely a place where groups of friends come to eat lunch, and I can see families coming here to enjoy the food as well, though without any kind of a kid’s menu I’m not sure if younger children will appreciate the taste of what they are eating. Overall, though, Greek Isle Deli is a nice place to stop in for lunch.


  • A Quick and simple option, Greek Isle Deli is a great place to stop in for lunch.
  • Smaller menu items and a variety of vegetarian items make this a healthy spot to grab a bite.
  • The menu is well-rounded and seems popular among other patrons. I’d say it’s safe to try anything they offer.

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