One Eyed Jacks

2638 Colonel Glenn Highway
Fairborn, OH 45324
website3 stars

Re-opened in 2003, Greek Isle Deli is a pleasant little Mediterranean dive across the street from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. A hotspot for airmen and government employees looking for a little lunch, Greek Isle Deli serves up gyros, pitas, kababs, and a large menu of other items. As a small, family-run operation, it also offers catering, box lunches, bulk orders and a monthly all- you-can-eat buffet of foods to bring in east Dayton residents for a little flatbread and some grilled meat.

Bloomin’ Onion Burger basket: $7.99

Typical bar fare is on the menu here. Among the items are wings, burgers, sandwiches and other things like that. I’m not impressed by the menu (it’s basically the same as every other bar like it, with little to no innovation) but wow, do they do the basics well. The burger is huge and has a mountain of toppings to go with it, in the case of the Bloomin’ Onion Burger above, cheese and onion rings with a few vegetables and sauce make the tall burger too much good food for one meal. I definitely had leftovers from this dinner.

The amazing thing here was the fried items; they were shockingly good. The french fries that come with the burgers were outstanding. I don’t know if they are beer battered or not but they are some of the best fries I’ve ever eaten. On top of that there is a metric ton of them served with each basket. I shared them with my match Kristen, and I still filled up. The boneless wings on the menu are also great. They are served by the half-pound, and very good. “Hot” wings are prefect; hot enough to enjoy the spice of the wings but not so much as to be uncomfortable. That’s the kind of spiciness I like; I want to enjoy my food, not prove I can force it down. Appetizers are also good. Typical bar food, but nonetheless delicious. The mozzarella sticks in particular I recommend, particularly with such good marinara sauce.

Service here is great and we received constant attention for the duration of our stay, which was a plus. Especially when things got busier, I was pleasantly surprised at how such a small staff was able to cover everyone so well. Poor service because of understaffing is a problem I’ve seen in many restaurants, and I’m glad to see there’s an example of one place which can provide good attention to every patron.


  • The great variety of beers, simple bar food and entertainment make this a place where you’ll want to relax and enjoy your food.
  • Even families have a niche here; I noticed several groups on the diner side with kids.
  • Definitely go for the fried options, which are done very well.

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