Fox and Hound Pub & Grille

2661 Fairfield Commons Blvd.
Beavercreek, OH 45431

With 64 locations strategically placed only in major cities throughout the mid-United States, Fox and Hound is a mid-priced bar offering a variety of beers and bar food. The atmosphere trends toward professionals, though people of all ages can be found in the bar. Fox and Hound has a younger following on weekends, but during the day there are plenty of groups that show up here during the lunch hour. Discount lunches make this a worthwhile decision.

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A particularly friendly brand of customer service makes Fox and Hound a nice place to go. Barristas and a manager frequented our table to make sure everything was good. It is clear the place has an eye on customers, and I really do appreciate the restaurants that devote substantial time to ensuring the customers are happy.

The “specials” include a wide range of foods from sandwiches to “fish and chips” and I’m surprised at a place that has so many strong areas. Many places seem to specialize in one particular type of food but it’s also great to try a jack-of-all-trades that caters to whatever mood you’re in. More impressively, a place that has a strong dish in every category — good salads, burgers, bar food and other things — is a rare gem, indeed.

  • Black Forrest Ham: I gave the Black Forest a try first since I was in the mood to eat something healthier and it was one of Fox and Hound’s proclaimed “specials.” During the lunch hour, many of these specials are sold at substantially reduced prices, making lunch time the best time to investigate if you’re cautious. Either way, the Black Forest was a good idea. Layer after layer of ham and turkey terminate in a delicious medley of vegetables and honey mustard on one end, and two very crispy slices of bacon on the other. It all goes together so well.
  • The Big Green: I gave the salad a try too, and it’s just as good. Tied together with a flavorful vinaigrette, I’ve never seen spinach and assorted nuts and fruit transformed into such a tasty yet healthy meal. I love places with creative salad options, and though Fox and Hound prices its salads a but more expensive than most places, the taste more than makes them a value. Few other places emulate such creative and exotic combination so well, and the Mediterranean feel of the salad is another addition to an already astounding menu.
  • Rumchata Whiskey Float: This rum float is (relatively) low on the alcohol and higher on the sweet. Whiskey is the base of the flavor but there’s a lot of cream and cinnamon too.
  • Barbacoa tacos: Barbacoa and pico de gallo make this taco the best. I recommend getting corn tortillas to give the dish a bit lighter a taste.

Good service and a well-rounded menu make Fox and Hound a definite good choice for bar goers seeking a new flavor with lunch. Give it a try.


  • Come for lunch, as many of the best food items can be found at discounted prices.
  • Fox and Hound offers an “All star” club for frequent patrons. If you like the place and plan to come back, be sure to ask about it.
  • Fox and Hound is unusually well-rounded for a bar. Bar foods and junk eats seem just as well done as salads and healthy things.

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