The Pizza Place

2208 Dudley Avenue
Parkersburg, WV

With two pizzerias located outside Parkersburg’s high schools, The Pizza Place has a menu with simplicity to match its name. Toting a number of Italian foods like calzones, Stromboli and special subs, the flagship item on the menu is gooey, cheesy giant pizza slices. With huge indoor and outdoor dining rooms, The Pizza Place dishes out pizza by the slice or by the pie to hungry high schoolers after school or games. As one native told me, this place is a genuine taste of the border city.

18″ 1-topping pizza

The largest pizza size, an 18-inch pie, is large enough for four or five people. For around $20, if can be decorated with a simple menu of toppings and vegetables. A little more expensive is a deep-dish alternative. But before you dive into that, you might want to consider a simpler pie first. What you get might surprise you. Namely, in the grease. There’s so much cheese on each piece the grease forms little pools on the pie. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of cheese on my pizza, but when you need to soak a napkin on your food before you take a bite, that’s a little much.

It’s really nice how pizza is sold by the slice, especially when you’re the indecisive type. At the same time though, those slices don’t always look as appetizing. I always recommend getting something fresh, and in this case I would say it’s merited. Many people came through the line during my time here, and next to no one asked for a slice from the rack. I’d have to suggest doing it the way the locals do and going for a fresh pizza.

I am impressed at how tasty the pizza is considering these things. Despite these things it really is very tasty. I have to imagine this place is easily inundated on weekends and after school is out, and it seems to employ a lot of local kids in the process. While it’s an order-from-the-counter shop, I was surprised the servers didn’t seem to know much about the business. No one knew what was good, what was popular or what an out-of-towner like me should try. I have to wonder if it’s just because the menu is so simple or there are so many part-time students milling about. I hate to say it’s not a good thing to employ kids like these because it’s not. I would have to wonder though why I couldn’t find anyone who seemed all that involved in the business of making pizza.

While the pizza is good, I have to wonder if simplicity is a problem here. The Pizza Place will remain a local dive, but it’s just missing something to me.


  • The pizza-by-the-slice idea is good and all, but I definitely recommend a fresh pie. Flavor is irreplaceable.
  • There’s ample seating and I definitely recommend coming in and relaxing over getting delivery.
  • With a simple menu of toppings, I suggest starting with something relatively basic before the fancier things.

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2 thoughts on “The Pizza Place

  1. I have been to Pizza themed restaurants in New York, Chicago, and many other cities in the USA. This is perfect pizza. It not rocket science! Just simple, good pizza.

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