Casa Nueva

4 West State Street
Athens, Ohio 45701
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Opened in 1985 by a group of experienced restaurateurs, Casa Nueva Restaurant, Bodega and Cantina is as much a social experiment as it is a place to grab a bite to eat. A worker-owned cooperative, the restaurant currently employs 23 “worker-owners” serving up Mexican cuisine infused with distinctly Southeast Ohio flair. Casa Cantina is many things; it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner menus as well as serving as a bar and nightclub in the evenings, where live bands and raves can often be found. It’s difficult to define exactly what the main purpose of the business is, but it gives a lot to the community.

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As its name implies, Casa Nueva serves primarily Tex-Mex dishes; enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas and the like. However, it’s not the standard such place. Instead, this is one of many Athens places that is a product of the “localvore” movement; it serves local takes on each item using local ingredients and supported by local providers. Indeed, Casa Cantina is another centerpiece of the movement in town. This is a successful bid. Casa’s food tastes fresher than your typical Tex-mex foods. This is a one-of-a-kind place, and it’s very, very Athens.

  • The breakfast Enchilada platter: Instead of re-fried beans and Mexican rice, this enchilada is served with locally-grown black beans and cilantro-seasoned white rice. These sides are a step above the typical fare; they’re unquestionably better.
  • #6 Platter: A rolled enchilada with pulled pork, onions, and cheese topped with verde salsa. Served with beans, rice, and a cheese empanada.
  • Margaritas: Pricey, but if you get the right tequila you will find these amazing! A pitcher will be 5-6 margaritas, so drink responsibly! These are seriously strong.
  • Burrito: Simple by premise: A flour tortilla, you pick your beans and two fillings, and a salsa on top. Quality of ingredients makes all the difference though, and there are flavors you don’t taste otherwise.
  • Tacos: Also pretty simple: you pick your meat, and it’s cheese on top, and lettuce on the side. But the quality of the ingredients – even that thick flour tortilla is good – makes the difference.
  • Quesadilla: Those wonderful thick tortillas measure well stuffed with cheese and guacamole. There’s a reason this place has such a cult following. 

Most of the ingredients taste very different from things you’d taste in a standard Tex-Mex place. The vegetables taste fresher. The meat is more tender and altogether it’s just a better tasting product. I have a huge appreciation for the extra effort that goes into ensuring what you’re biting into is pure Athens. It comes at a slightly elevated cost, which is completely worth it to me.

Service is pleasantly good. The workers here are friendlier than normal. It’s a great credit to them, I think, that they seem so deeply concerned with their jobs. I can’t help but wonder if service of this caliber is the result of each and every worker feeling he or she is in charge of your experience. There are no managers or underlings.

Casa Nueva is progressive food. With a huge number of organic options and a menu where every item can be made vegetarian, this place is a rare gem. It’s definitely something I would call an essential taste while in Athens.


  • Breakfast here is very good. The enchiladas and burritos and other items from the griddle are strong contenders for a seriously good meal.
  • There is an extensive list of events that goes on in Casa Cantina each month. Consult the schedule to see what entertainment you enjoy.
  • Plenty of organic and vegan options make this an ideal place to take friends who don’t eat meat.

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3 thoughts on “Casa Nueva

  1. I have been going to Casa for 25+ years.
    Here’s what it is: it is a social gathering place catering to long-time townies and the older college crowd; with good drinks, fresh but uninteresting food, terrible service (rude and downright ignorant waitstaff and managers) and the most unorganized billing you will ever experience.
    They operate in a niche that they own, and feel no need to try to improve anything.
    They have no idea how bad their service and billing is, as they are in the hothouse of Athens, Ohio, and have never had training; competition has never forced improvement, and they really have no knowledge of possible comparisons.
    If you accept it for what it is, you will probably have a good time.
    If you go with the expectation of receiving the type of service that you would get in a more competitive environment, you will be disappointed.

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