Broney’s Alumni Grill

7 West Carpenter Street
Athens, OH 45701

At the very north end of the Court Street scene, Broney’s Alumni Grill looks to be a step above the average college dive bar. With a nicer decor, pricier selection of drinks and live music on the weekends, its no surprise the place caters to graduates of Ohio University and other people with a little more spare money than the average college student. With a beautiful outdoor patio area, its soup, burger and sandwich menu attracts people in droves for lunch and dinner in a slightly ritzier environment.

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Broney’s menu is fairly simple, with simpler bar foods like wings and nachos on the appetizer list, the bulk of the offerings are sandwiches, burgers, wraps and salads. Broney’s serves the standard bar fare with a few extras for slightly more health conscious types. What they’ve got isn’t half bad.

  • Southwest Burger: The southwest burger, a barbecued Angus beef number topped with onion rings. The burger is great and the meat is cooked well. It comes with a side of fries which aren’t that great though.
  • Turkey club: Served on marble bread, there are a variety of smoked turkey, ham, bacon and chicken options, among others. With such a variety, these sandwiches aren’t half bad.
  • Champagne slushie: A signature drink here, the alcoholic slushie is an unusual drink and very unique for Athens. Worth a try.
  • Wings: Crunchy and crispy, while they’re coming to the bar in a bag this spot spares nothing in the sauce department.
  • Philly Cheese Steak: Chunky steak makes this work; it’s the crunchy buttered bun, cheese and peppers that make it a thick bite. 
  • Tacos: Stuffed with grilled chicken, but topped with the mashup of tex-mex ingredients. Sturdy. 
  • Original Burger: A stripped down and simple burger, but lacks nothing in the char-grilled outside. 
  • Fried banana peppers: Served with a horseradish. A bit too crispy in some cases but munchable.

I have to say I can see why people come back to Ohio University and come here when they want something healthy. This is one of few bars in town with a substantial menu of lighter fare. While Broney’s appetizer menu has all the junk food in the world for the hungry bar going types, someone who wants to enjoy the atmosphere without gorging themselves with fried foods will find this place to be a perfect balance between the two.

Service here is only decent. Broney’s is often packed in the evenings with partiers and hungry patrons, and I feel like I constantly find myself forgotten for a while as I wait to eat. It’s not unsurprising for a place of this popularity, but I am surprised that a place which brings in as much money as this one does on the weekends hasn’t managed to hire an extra server or two to keep things moving faster. To their credit, the prices at this place are reasonable. Though it may be a ritzier bar, it is still very affordable.

Broney’s has good food, and you won’t likely have a problem with the delicious items you find on the menu here. While the entertainment is great, and the service is decent, I would say this is a place which is definitely worth at least one visit.


  • Burgers here are good, and so are the sandwiches. You’ll find Broney’s has healthier food than many of the other local bars.
  • Try to avoid coming during peak hours, as service can lag a little bit in those times.
  • Broney’s has a variety of drinks, pool tables, a dance floor, televisions and two bars, so it’s definitely a place to go with (adult) friends.

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