McHappy’s Bake Shoppe

384 Richland Avenue
Athens, OH 45701

With five locations in the Athens-Marietta-Parkersburg triangle, McHappy’s embodies the small, friendly businesses model seen throughout Appalachia. Innocuous from the outside, it’s easy to pass a place as mild as this one every day and not realize it’s actually a bakery. Inside though, you’ll find a friendly little counter overflowing with sweet pastries, from doughnuts to muffins, cinnamon rolls, brownies and cakes. This place is out to satisfy a sweet tooth in as many creamy, gooey ways as possible. It’s a family friendly place where parents reward their kids and families get snacks together in the morning.

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McHappy’s biggest selection is in its variety of sweets. Muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls and brownies overflow racks at the front of the counter. I tried a blueberry muffin, one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Light and flaky, yet sweet. The blueberry flavor is very strong and very good; I’m confident they are made with fresh ingredients. I also tried a cinnamon roll, which was very light and covered with a sweet glaze. The dough is great, and it also tasted very fresh. The goodies are made daily, and whatever’s older gets put in a bag on the wall and sold in bulk for cheap.

McHappy’s main attraction, though, is its doughnuts. Dozens of glazed and frosted pastries, some filled with jelly or cream, line the back wall. Deals advertise a dozen at discount prices, while groups come in and purchase them by the box. The secret seems to be in the glaze; it’s so thick but it still drips all around, and you want to lick your fingers after every bite. It’s really that good.

Prices are fairly reasonable for a pastry shop, a few pastries fetch for around $5.00. Doughnuts are offered at very reasonable prices, and sometimes there are deals for a dozen. It’s amazing that such a small shop can produce such a variety of pastries.

The environment of the little shop was very warm and pleasant. It felt hyper local, almost like sitting in a friend’s kitchen. A modest row of chairs and a fairly plain dining room lead me to believe the place thrives on simplicity. A drive through window definitely seemed to be where the majority of customers came through. There was a constant stream of people coming through, and I have to get the idea the business is driven by its products, not by any flashy image. Such a humble environment is definitely inviting.

I would suggest you stop by McHappy’s Bake Shoppe if you’re a native to Appalachia, but I get the feeling that if you’re from around here, you already have.


  • Remember there are a number of deals which can be found, sometimes coupons online, sometimes when walking into the store.
  • McHappy’s main draw is its delicious donuts. But its other pastries and sweets can be just as good. Don’t be afraid to give anything here a try, it’s all pretty good.
  • If you’re penny-pinching, day-old doughnuts are also sold in bags at the store.

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