Whit’s Frozen Custard

49 South Court Street
Athens, OH 45701
websiteWhit's Frozen Custard (Athens, OH)

A small but growing chain of Ohio locations, Whit’s Frozen Custard seems to favor emplacing itself in small town coffee shops. With eleven locations spread along southern Ohio, Whit’s enhances the local environment with cold treats and small sandwich menus. The relationship is hard to describe. Some of the shops seems to favor retaining an independent name with the extra Whit’s products (such as Perk’s Coffee in Athens, Ohio) while others prefer to turn entirely into a custard shop. Either way, it forces me to review a few Whit’s locations as independent locations.

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Whit’s by itself has a pretty simple menu. It offers a small variety of custard flavors and confections, as well as a few sandwiches. None of these items are terribly complicated, and that’s a simple charm. I’ve noticed the places Whit’s appears in have a similar simple charm. It must be a mood thing. Anyway, the sandwich menu is good. There’s a barbecue pulled pork sandwich that is tasty and to the point. A chicken salad sandwich seems to be among the more popular items on the menu, and it came recommended by the staff.

Frozen custard has a very different consistency from ice cream. It’s lighter and more creamy, and I would say the flavors don’t translate in quite the same way. Whit’s custard options are limited. A vanilla and chocolate option are all that is offered permanently, and a specialty flavor is around sometimes. The basis of Whit’s treats is, instead the variety of ways they will dress up these flavors. They can be mixed with toppings to create a “Whitster,” or added into shakes, malts, sundaes, banana splits, and many other things. The simple flavors are meant to be mixed with any number of other things to become something better. While that’s nice, I don’t personally think it’s original. I can buy any kind of candy bar and mix it into a bowl of ice cream, too. I don’t feel like going to Whit’s gives a terribly unique experience in that regard.

Other things about Whit’s are nice, though. The prices of a simple cone of custard are nice, and that it is so frequently found in walking distance from wherever you’re going is convenient too. Location marketing and basic pricing seem to be strengths of this pseudo-chain. It packages frozen custard in to-go containers as well, something that is surprisingly rare for frozen custard. Whit’s has a strength of convenience that makes the place hard not to like. I would say give it a try if you happen to be in the area.


  • Whit’s caters to a very simple taste. Get a simple cone of ice cream for a few dollars, or a fancier confection for a few dollars more.
  • It’s hard not to like the place when it’s so convenient. You’ll often find Whit’s on the main stretch of small towns.
  • Don’t forget Whit’s often is only a supplement to a pre-existing shop. There may be more items on the menu.

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