Perk’s Coffee House & Roastery

49 South Court Street
Athens, OH 45701

With a prime location at the intersection of Court and Union streets, Perk’s Coffee House sits at the crux of one of the busiest intersections in town. For many Ohio University students, Perk’s is the first stop of the day, before work, class and other activities. It also offers a comfortable panorama to people-watch the thousands coming and going throughout the day. Recently, Perk’s started selling Whit’s Frozen Custard, a southern Ohio chain, but owners insist it’s still called Perk’s Coffee. In light of this I will review Perk’s own products and Whit’s items separately.

Perk’s Coffee

Perk’s menu by itself does not include food. Only a variety of baked goods. Whit’s has since altered the menu to add some sandwiches, but Perk’s by itself only serves drinks for its customers to enjoy with their near panoramic view of the busy intersection. It has a legendary deal: $1.00 coffee. Nowadays that is more like $1.50 coffee, but don’t complain too much. It’s piping hot and if you’re willing to stick around it’s all-you-can-drink. And it’s important to add: the coffee is pretty good. I like black coffee sometimes, and the dark roast is just so good in spite of its strength. Highlander Grogg is naturally sweet and a little cream makes it delicious.

There are a number of other drinks; tea, chai, coca, smoothies and frozen drinks. The tea in particular is very good. It’s got a very pleasant aroma and needs a minimum amount of dressing to taste just right. More importantly, it comes piping hot, just how I like it. It’s important to note said coffee is brewed in-house, making this one of very few places in Athens with fresh coffee. There’s no question to me it does make the final product noticeably tastier.

I have to say the environment is one of the best parts of Perk’s. It’s got a very simple feel, like a coffeehouse where you can relax by yourself or with friends. There are tables, stuffed chairs, and a bar overlooking the busy intersection. It’s a very inviting place to sit and pass the time studying or chatting. Outdoor seating is also very pleasant in the summer months; there is always a side with tables in the shade if the sun is too bright and an overhang shelters them from the rain. It’s impressive to me how such a place can buck overt sophistication yet create such a friendly feel. It’s worth enjoying.

Perk’s is a college coffee shop if I’ve ever seen one. Simple and yet elegant, and it delivers very good drinks at very good prices. Any Ohio University student should know; stopping by here at least once in your time is a must.


  • The coffee deals here are notorious. A cup goes as small as $1.00 or $1.50.
  • Perk’s is one of the nicest places in town to sit and enjoy some time thanks to the scenic view of Athens’ busiest intersection.
  • Don’t forget, the coffee shop is now also a Whit’s Frozen Custard location.

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