Avalanche Pizza

329 East State Street
Athens, OH 45701

With over 50 toppings in its flavor arsenal, Avalanche Pizza brings to the plate a level of variety that few other pizza places in town can match. It’s one of few local offerings that challenges the major pizza chains in town. Arguably, Avalanche does this most successfully thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign targeting the 20,000 Ohio University students living in the area. Making over 110,000 pizzas each year, Avalanche saturates the town with its delicious ordered pizzas in both generic iterations and some very interesting custom-made pies you’ll find nowhere else.

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There is a very serious assortment of custom pies. A huge number of American and Italian variations are available, but they’re just the beginning. More exotic ingredients include ribeye steak, kimchi, sweet corn and shrimp. Avalanche has done quite a few pizzas, and they are very proud to have won more than a few awards for them. It’s great there are so many combinations to try. Avalanche definitely knows what it is doing.

As a meat lover myself, I thought I would first try the Ted Nugent; a mountain of meat packed on two kinds of cheese. When I was younger my friends and I would take frozen pizzas and pile on every meat in the house, and it looked something like this. There are seven kinds of meat here: Genoa Salami, Roasted Chicken, Lean Bacon, Ham, Hormel Pepperoni, Thin-Sliced Ribeye Steak and Italian Meatballs. It brought back memories, and better yet, made them better. This is the meatiest pizza I have ever seen. And it was amazing. Every meat is cooked differently, and yet they all come together on one enormous pie.

A different kind of test, though, is the simpler things Avalanche makes. The average person picks the simpler one- or two-topping pizzas which are cheaper. These aren’t bad, either. The crust is a little plain but the pizza is always cooked well and the toppings always come hot and delicious. While I hate to judge an eatery on its weaker points, the practical fact is the average customer will taste one of these first.

Service can be a little slower, especially for delivery. Pizza comes at longer-than-average waits of 30 to 40 minutes after ordering. There is an online order form which Avalanche has had numerous problems managing. I would suggest ordering the old-fashioned way.

Avalanche has a lot to offer, and a long list of awards speak to its outstanding history filling up Athenians and OU kids alike. With so many more familiar pizza places in town, it’s hard for a local place like this to stand out. But Avalanche stands way, way out.


  • The signature pies are by far the best offering at Avalanche, but they’re also fairly expensive and the cheaper pies are also good.
  • Calzones, sandwiches, salads and wings are also available for people who don’t want pizza.
  • Don’t risk the new online delivery system, it has some kinks to work out. Also expect 30 to 40 minute delivery times on weekends.

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