Fluff Bakery

8 North Court Street
Athens, OH 45701
websiteFluff Bakery (Athens, OH)

Brand new to the Athens scene, Fluff Bakery opened in summer of 2010 with the ambitious motto, “Life is fun, eat it up.” That catchy phrase, as well as a number of smart business partnerships and aggressive advertising campaigns, have already propelled Fluff from a newfound wonder to a prominent and established Court Street business. Replacing a less successful Cold Stone Creamery, it offers primarily desert items of all types supplemented by an eclectic and home-grown menu of snack and meal items.

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Just about every kind of sweet from around the world can be found here, from fluffy red velvet cake to creamy cannoli, cheesecake, cookie sandwiches, and everything in between. There are dozens of items to try, and generalizing them would be an understatement and a crime. Having tried a number of them, all I can say is “wow.” It’s unbelievable how much of a mastery this place has of so many different types of desert. Cannolis have crunchy shells, the tiramisu is soft and creamy with a spongy cake, and the samoas have a caramely consistency with a chocolate topping. Pure bliss.

The myriad of deserts are impossible to explain (and you’d get hungrier if I tried) But a wonderful central theme is how wonderfully Fluff does consistency. The creamy innards of each cannoli are thick and sweet, while the tiramisu is so light and fluffy you’d expect it to float right off your plate. Everything is as good as it looks behind the counter. I have to say, to their great credit, Fluff knows how to deliver.

The small food menu (which the restaurant calls its “savory side”) comprises a small but growing set of sandwiches, salads and soups. The menu isn’t terribly inclusive, but what Fluff does offer it does extremely well. Eh, Tony! is the most popular, an Italian sandwich featuring Cappacolla, Pepperoni and Genoa Salami. It’s a very meaty and rich option, a little pricier than I’d like to see but great nonetheless. It features no vegetables to accentuate it, either. Easy to fix yet I would imagine the sandwich was done this way on purpose.

Without a lot of precedent, Fluff has put together something really special on Court Street. Dozens of deserts available and done so well. While I feel the prices are a little steep on a few items ($4.50 can get you a meal on this street, so a $4.25 cupcake doesn’t make a lot of sense) I don’t expect to see Fluff going out of business any time soon. Go. There. ASAP.


  • It’s hard to come in with one desert in mind.  There are too many to name and it’s better to pick what you’re in the mood for.
  • The small sandwich menu has the added advantage of daily specials, which are posted online. Take a look before you go to see if something good is available that day.
  • A (small) coffee selection is also available if you want some with your sweets. The coffee is brewed by Silver Bridge Coffee Company.

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