Epic Sandwiches

West Union Street vending area
Athens, OH 45701

One of the less common sights at the intersection of Court and Union streets, Epic Sandwiches shows up primarily during the warmer months to bring just about any kind of sandwich to the palette of passing Ohio University students. Attendants note it’s technically open year round – and tends to show up off an on in the winter, but tight profit margins and lack of protection from the elements mean Epic Sandwiches is a thing you’ll only consistently find parked on Union during the more temperate months.

Philly Cheese Steak: $4.50

According to the worker present when I stopped by, the Philly Cheese Steak is the best thing offered at Epic Sandwiches, so I gave it a try. Seared steak and vegetables served with everything on top, it’s a much more complicated iteration of the Philadelphia specialty than I have found at other places. This cheese steak, though, is outstanding. It’s seared perfectly, served in extra-large bun and with very fresh vegetables. While the little food cart doesn’t seem like much, it cooks its meat very well.

Nicely enough, service is good too. With just one guy standing there to tend to the cart, I’ve found two or three employees run the place during its 9-to-5 operating hours, each is very talkative. When I grab a sandwich I’m tempted to just eat it there and chat, and even when I walk by during the course of the day I like to ask how the day is going. It’s really a friendly, laid back little cart.

The menu offers a variety of sandwiches, and the already eclectic selection is made better by the fact that many of said sandwiches come in more than one size, usually a smaller version in the $3.00 range and a larger one in the $5.00 area. There are a few side options for the sandwiches, some of which are also made at the cart, but it’s a pretty simple, no-nonsense place to stop by and grab something. Your food can be packaged to eat immediately or for later, but either way I would say it’s best to eat right away, I’m sure at such a cheap price this stuff isn’t built to last.

There are a lot of food carts that come and go in Athens each year, and Epic Sandwiches’ owner will be the first to tell you; the profit margins aren’t great. But a place like this should be worthy of at least one visit if you’re living in Athens. If you can find them, stop into Epic Sandwiches some time.


  • Epic Sandwiches is a seasonal place. While you’ll regularly see it around in the spring and fall, it’s not likely to be open during rough weather or cold/hot months.
  • Food here is pretty simple, and I would say there isn’t any area of the menu that needs to be avoided.
  • Two sizes of each sandwich ensure you’ll be satisfied no matter how much you want.

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