203 Federal Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Toting itself as an upscale bar and restaurant, SoHo is situated prominently behind PNC Park in Pittsburgh’s North Shore neighborhoods. Its location and proximity to other entertainment along the street suggests a strong connection to the baseball and football crowds, giving them a place to get food after the games. SoHo offers a generic mix of foods, including burgers steaks and pizza. Of course a mix of domestic and import beer choices. The restaurant also offers room service for a luxurious  10-story SpringHill Suites hotel just upstairs.

Buffalo Pierogi: $8.99

Pierogi are a strong Pittsburgh institution, having been brought to this part of the country by Polish immigrants a century ago. I’ve been excited to try a few local variations of the dish, and I thought I would try SoHo’s spicy take on them. The pierogi I ordered were only on the appetizer menu, but still very tasty. With a strong spicy buffalo sauce, they are hot enough to give you pause, but not too hot to enjoy.

The major disappointment from SoHo to me is the price. It’s got the same menu as other local bars, especially with its list of appetizers, burgers, and pizza. All of these items are more expensive at SoHo. While these items look like they must be a step above the competition, I actually found that other places around town do them better. It’s a shame to say, but you can’t call a place “upscale” by upping prices and hoping it attracts a more ritzy clientele. The food and environment must be a step above the rest, and in SoHo’s case I don’t think this is the case.

The environment of the eatery is pleasant, and it is certainly a cleaner and sleeker modern look than many of the other bars around town. The service is good too; food comes fast and servers are relatively friendly, but I’m afraid the extra costs aren’t justified by these things alone. The restaurant charges an 18 percent gratuity fee for parties larger than six people, and service to the hotel upstairs has a $3.00 service charge plus more. In the end, the dish above, for example, cost $16.00 before tip. While later investigation of the eatery revealed things aren’t all so overpriced, don’t expect to come out of the experience cheaply.

SoHo has a large menu, but in the end, its food is just average. Add to that an overpriced and over-hyped “upscale” experience, and you won’t be terribly impressed by what this place has to offer. There are plenty of bars in Pittsburgh and I would suggest a little more exploring before you come here.


  • Don’t bother with SoHo if you’re looking for a meal in your hotel room. The service fees are extravagant.
  • Avoid coming during major events in town. SoHo is centrally located and might attract large crowds that night.
  • Larger groups have substantial “gratuity” added to them, so watch out.

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