McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant

301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 101
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
websiteMcCormick & Schmick's (Beavercreek, OH)

With a location in most of the major cities of the United States, McCormick & Schmick’s comprises a rather complicated chain of 87 restaurants under a dozen different names; all of them are upscale grills specializing in seafood and catering to formal diners. An exact menu is impossible; each location has a new menu printed daily with the specials available there. Fine dining  that is found only in the ritziest locales nationwide, McCormick & Schmick’s caters to the upscale, high-class diner who has a very special dinner in mind.


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Seafood dinners here are amazing.

  • Lobster Dinner: At $22.95 I sampled the lobster dinner first. It comes to you in a bowl of unbelievably spiced seafood. The buttery, succulent lobster tail is complemented with mussels still in their shells, steamed giant shrimp and a medley of corn and peppers. The amazing bake sits in a rich and spicy broth of pepper. It’s indescribable how succulent the whole thing is. Perfectly, there is just enough of each amazing item that you’ll find yourself delightfully evened out in the end, and very satisfied.
  • Crab cake dinner: Simply amazing. I used to visit North Carolina often and while there I ate seafood that had come straight from the fishing boat. When you eat crab that fresh, you never forget it. This was some of the freshest crab I’ve eaten since then, and far inland. It’s a testament to just how quality the food is here.
  • Burger: One of those happy hour dishes to bring you in without breaking the bank. Nice, simple, to-the-point. It’s really about the cocktails.
  • Lettuce wraps: A heavy app or light meal, filled with sauteed veggies, chicken peanuts and more.
  • Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee: Creamy and was perfectly burned on the top to a caramelized brown. It’s best enjoyed very slowly.
  • The Chocolate Bag: was a fruity explosion of flavor packed in a chocolate shell. The smooth irish coffee packs a punch, yet it is still sweet and delicious. Everything on the desert menu was outstanding.

Service is outstanding. Servers are all over the tables looking to take care of the customers and though the food takes longer to arrive, they still ensure patrons are as comfortable as possible. One would expect service at a fine dining place to be a cut above the rest, and McCormick & Schmick’s delivers.

McCormick & Schmick’s is a great fine dining destination and a nice addition to the busy Pittsburgh restaurant scene. While you will easily find a location at the closest major city, it likely faces stiff competition from more local places. Either way, this place is a strong contender. Be sure to consider it next time you have a very fancy celebration.


  • Seafood items are fresh and delicious. Definitely consider one. Steak is the other specialty on the menu if  you don’t like seafood.
  • Save room for desert; it will definitely be worth your while.
  • Menus are made daily, so the exact items available will vary. Check the website for daily updates at each location.

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