Mullen’s Bar & Grill

200 Federal St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

A small group of five bars in the greater Pittsburgh region, Mullen’s Bar and Grill is a simple sports bar aimed primarily at attracting younger people for the night life. One of the locations, a prime North Shore property, attracts college students and athletic fans alike on weekends to enjoy a variety of sports on televisions along with a relatively simple menu of bar foods to go with them. Mullen’s accents its small menu with a variety of domestic and import beers.

The menu items are average. Nothing  stands out too much, all of it looks very generic. While I don’t necessarily think a sports bar should try to do something bold every time, a specialty item wouldn’t hurt. I noticed a lot of people were eating either the “Award Winning Wings” or the “Mullen’s Nachos” options while watching the games on the big screens around the room. It also offers burgers, sandwiches, wraps and finger food, a few seafood options, and a few other things.

The environment at this place definitely caters to a sports fan, especially a younger one. A disco ball hangs in the midst of the televisions in case a dance party erupts, and what appear to be two dancing poles in case things get more…interesting. Altogether I would say this doesn’t seem to be a bar aimed at attracting young families or older people, though sports fans come in all ages.

Service can get rough on the weekends; someone came immediately to get our initial orders but we were promptly forgotten. We waited too long to get another order and by the time it was said and done, we waited far too long to get our bill, too. I went on a weekend and I suspect the problem isn’t prone to be a constant problem. The prices are good, though, and Mullen’s Bar & Grill is much cheaper than many of the other options along the street.

I would avoid coming during sporting events, though, as this location is right across the street from PNC Park and along one of the main thorough ways into the North Shore neighborhood. The roads passing by this place will be some of the busiest during the seasons when thousands of sports fans are passing through.

Mullen’s offers a great spot for the night life, but the food isn’t anything terribly exciting. A lot of prototypical bar foods which are popular enough to keep the place busting with sports fans. While the environment is very enjoyable, there just isn’t all that much about this place that stands out to me.


  • This is a great spot for Pittsburgh night life. Come with friends to watch the game.
  • Come ready for some generic bar food. If you like the old classics this is your place.
  • Come earlier in the night for best service. Things get crowded as the night goes on.

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