Larry’s Dawg House

410 West Union St.
Athens, OH 45701

As one of Athens’ few truly homegrown fast food places, Larry’s Dawg House sits on the west fringe of town, not surprisingly as far as possible from the commercial uptown districts. Larry’s Dawg House sells a variety of quick favorites, mostly burgers, milkshakes and seafood. Of course, a handful of hot dogs are on the menu. Undoubtedly a family establishment, Larry’s brings out families and locals as a pleasant alternative to the flood of chains to the east. While the place is a little bit off the beaten path from the main town, you won’t forget a stop in here.

Shrimp basket ($4.99) and Foot long hot dog ($2.75)

The signature item here is clearly the hot dogs, so I thought I would give one a try. I have to say it was pretty good. Chili, onion and mustard make a great classic dog. Tasty and packed with flavor, it’s got a very rich, salty flavor that isn’t overwhelming.I’m just surprised there aren’t more varieties of hot dog. There are normal and footlings, and there are a few ingredients you can add, but I expected a wider variety of creative options in a place like this.

Larry’s has a bunch of fried fish options, and the shrimp basket is among the offerings. Dozens of crispy shrimp pieces with a side of fries and a cup of Cole slaw. The Shrimp were great, well fried and came hot. The fries were good, and the Cole slaw was excellent. Overall it was a very satisfying meal, and cheaper than the chains uptown. I have to say I liked it a lot better than a chain. There are a number of deserts, including milkshakes. I’ve never tried these but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

Larry’s strives to be a local, family friendly place and I have to say I enjoyed that. With the large number of families coming in and going out, I was surprised to see the attendants asking everyone how their food was and being so polite. Another example of friendly service you don’t find in another place.

While the options here are delicious, there isn’t a lot to speak for in terms of healthy options. If you’re out to eat healthy, Larry’s is a guilty pleasure. The hot dogs and fried goodies are wonderful. The atmosphere was friendly and it was no surprise to me that so many people come and go from this place during the busy lunch hours. If you have an opportunity to give this place a try, and you’re willing to forget your diet for a day, give it a try.


  • The hot dogs are the crown jewel of the menu. Give them a try, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a few of the ingredients.
  • Seafood options are all good, and the few basket options are very filling.
  • With a very friendly atmosphere, this is a great place to take family of all ages. No healthy eating options here, so know that before you go.

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6 thoughts on “Larry’s Dawg House

  1. The hotdogs are excellent and only .99 cents on Wednesday for a short dog. The hot dog sauce is just right and the Cajun fries are yummy too. For Desert you can’t go wrong with a Artic Swirl.

  2. There is a ‘secret’ menu that does have healthy options, like grilled Salmon and Grilled Chicken sandwiches (or no bun for both). Also Vegetable soup and sometimes Chili. So those wanting to have a healthier option actually can. All great places have a ‘secret’ menu! 🙂 I’ve been told they don’t publicly advertise these because they aren’t able to cook them during the lunch rush, etc so they try to reserve them for sit down dinner times.

      1. Just ask them at the counter what they have that’s not listed on their menu. I happened to do that one day, not really sure why! I found out they have grilled salmon (really good) and grilled chicken. I think their vegetable soup is on their menu and they have chili sometimes in the winter which is also good too.

  3. I currently work there and do the online presence for them, and I realize this is some time later and apologize. Our current “Secret” menu, contains grilled chicken and grilled cheese (that can be turned into a a veggie sandwich with cheese or without if you really don’t want it). We stopped selling the salmon I think due to the fact that it was a rarity ordered and the product was not able to stay fresh.

    Secretive but not really secretive ice cream items
    Mint Oreo and Mint Chocolate Chip shakes and Arctic Swirls… We have mint flavor now.

    Other little twists you may like as mentioned above no bun on hot dogs and sandwiches, toasted hot dog buns, steamed hamburger buns, ect. Also topping on hot dogs and sandwiches are anything we have topping wise and the dipping sauces. What is becoming more popular is deep fried and grilled hot dogs.

    Things that we do not have that people wish we had kraut and bacon.

    If I think of anything else I will try to remember to reply again.

    Thanks for the review, it is greatly appreciated!

  4. I grew up eating Larrys foot longs and I make a 4 hour trip as often as possible to get one. It feels like going home when I go there although I haven’t lived down there for over 20 years. Always good food and friendly people.

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