Leghorn’s Restaurant (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2014, Leghorn’s Restaurant is closed and replaced with a new restaurant.
994 East State St.
Athens, OH 45701

Another new addition to Athens’ restaurant scene, Leghorn’s is actually the third in a small chain of Ohio sports bars which offer wings, burgers, pizza and a chance to watch the game. As it is far from the Ohio University campus, Leghorn’s seems to attract comparatively few college students; instead a healthy number of locals, high school kids and families populate the tables, and the few Ohio University kids stick to the small bar on the side. Leghorn’s definitely has the most family friendly feel of the sports bars in town.

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Now, I suppose when you go to a bar like this, the main attraction must be the wings. Particularly at Leghorn’s, where a huge “#1” can be found next to the wing menu. I should assume this meant what I was ordering would be something award-winning, or at least that it was a strong item on the menu. Either way, I seem to have been mistaken. What came to me were 10 of the largest wings I’ve ever eaten; simply huge. The waitress recommended I go for the “Chernobyl hot sauce” but since I wasn’t feeling particularly suicidal, I ordered “hot” instead.

What I got also happen to be the greasiest wings I’ve ever eaten. Filling for their size, these wings were so greasy, it was literally dripping down my hands while I was trying to eat. By wing number six or seven I was out of napkins. Oh and there was a negligible amount of sauce. Grease is not sauce. I looked around the restaurant to see if I had just ordered the wrong thing, but astoundingly everyone around me was eating the wings, too. I should note here that I consider myself a healthy eater and like to exercise when I’m not writing reviews. Food this greasy gives me a stomachache.

Oh and the fries were nothing special. Virtually unflavored, they seemed to be just another thing to soak up more grease and deliver it to my arteries. Gave the pickle spears a try too, and once again, they tasted only decent. None of the items I tried seemed particularly worthy of coming back for. I sampled a boneless wing, too. The food was consistently unremarkable.

It’s a shame too, since I would say we had good service. The wait for the food was unusually long; we came before the big dinner rush and I think we still waited over 30 minutes for our food. Other than that, though, waitresses and a manager swarmed over our table to refill water, check on the food and provide anything else we needed. That’s the type of service I wish other food places had. Unfortunately, as good as it was, attention from our hosts did not make the food better. If you haven’t tried Leghorn’s yet, be careful what you order.


  • Don’t come during peak hours, as the wait can be long.
  • The wings can be very filling, but they’re also incredibly greasy.
  • Skip the fries, they’re nothing special.

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17 Responses to “Leghorn’s Restaurant (CLOSED)”
  1. Ronda says:

    We just tried Leg Horns today for lunch while in town picking up my daughter from OU. We all enjoyed our food and all said we would return again. I ordered chili dogs which were very good. My daughter had a salad and onion rings that she said were some of the best rings she has had. My mother in law had the turkey sub and it was so huge and packed with turkey she had trouble finishing it. For a sweet treat after we ordered the fresh baked WARM huge cookie with a large scoop of ice cream on top it was awesome. Maybe you should give it another try and order something healthy that you would enjoy eatting and see if it might settle better than a deep fried item that you usually don’t eat.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I would definitely be willing to go back again and try more menu items, but I prioritized my first few meals on the strongest dishes Leghorn’s seems to offer. I’ll give updates on my next visit!

  2. Steve says:

    I don’t understand. You say they were the greatest wings you ever had, but complain about no sauce and how greasy they were. Then talk about how you don’t like grease. Thank you for your review though I know to stay away from the place.

  3. Sorry, I think you might have misread. They’re not the greatest wings I’ve ever eaten by far, I think they are the GREASIEST.

  4. Lycea says:

    My family and I went to Leghorns. The fries were old and cold as well as the burger`s. Prices`s at Leghorns are not reasonable, seriously beer at 4.00-5.00 a tall glass? The bill came to 123.87 and the only thing worth the trip was the wing`s and the water because the pop was flat. I am glad we did not go for the atmosphere because they only hire real young girl`s for serving and bartending and it seemed they were on their cell phones more than at the tables. I know for a fact that there are discrimination law`s. Why are there NO male servers, african american or older people working there???? It would be nice to have someone older than a college kid waite on our family instead of a college kid with NO work ethic!! Yes, we had to waite on our server to get our check while she put a boy`s cell phone number in her cell phone. The wing`s were good. Next time we will get them to go if there is a next time……….

  5. Weze says:

    Lycea, First of all you were eating in a college town. Not sure if you went to college, but it is very expensive and please admire them for working and going to school. I work at OU and eat there quite often, lunch and on the weekends we go for dinner. I am sure if you would have mentioned your dissatisfaction to your waiter a manager would have been more than happy to correct the situation. As you call them “kids with no work ethic” how do you expect them to learn? BTW it is waiter and the word for your delay in service is “wait” not “waite”. Cheers!

  6. Devin says:


    I currently am a server at Leghorns and thought that I would stop in to give you some advice for your next visit! I have been working there since about a month after it opened because I needed to make money ( I am currently one of those broke college kids that goes to OU). What started out as just a job quickly became a main source of nourishment (I eat there way more than I should), but it also became a great passion of mine. The owner is a great man who cares about his employees and always puts the customer first. I hope that you join us again and try out some of the things that I recommend in this post.

    When it comes to the wings, the sauces vary depending on what you are looking for. The hot/medium/garlic sauces are butter-based. This means that they are particularly buttery (or “greasy”). If you would like wings that are an alternative to this, try the Island sauce (it’s the one pegged on the menu as “The Captain’s favorite.” This is my favorite sauce, it is absolutely delicious. I describe it as a BBQ but a little bit spicier/smokier. I have heard others compare it to a jerk sauce. Honey Q is another thicker sauce as well as the chernobyl and hotter of the sauces. The hotter they are, the thicker the sauce seems to be. I get stomach aches very easily too, and but the Island has always been a winner for me!

    I am astonished that you felt the pickles were sub-par…they are one of our best-selling appetizers! I personally love the loaded chips and the nachos-you should try them! When it comes to the fries, I have never ordered plain fries because I agree that there is nothing booming about them. However, the “cheesy fries” which come with spicy cheese and bacon, are a definite winner (you can also get chili cheese fries!).

    Some of my favorites also include our Spicy Chicken Sandwich, spinach and artichoke dip, our pizzas are wonderful (the abominable snowman and the great white are my favorites), our philly and pulled pork are delicious (I recommend asking for a side of spicy cheese with these-sounds strange but tastes delicious! I have been recommending it to my tables and they love it as well!). Our salads are incredibly large and delicious as well. I am not a sauerkraut fan, but I have heard more raves about our Reuben than just about anything else on the menu. If you are into Reubens, give ours a try! There are many varieties at Leghorns which is part of what makes it such a great place to try out again-we have options!

    Also-it appears as if you did not try one of our Pizzookies…they are the best thing on the menu! The respondent that replied to your post about them was spot on. They are remarkable. (I recommend the Reese Pieces and Oreo Brownie, yes, you can order them half-n-half!)

    I do hope that you return to try more food. I eat there an embarrassing amount throughout the week. The beauty of it is that there are so many options, I never get tired of the food. Since most people who work at a restaurant usually want to eat any thing BUT that food, I think it’s saying a lot that I eat there so often. Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to eating

  7. LeighAnn says:

    My husband and I ate at Leghorn’s yesterday while out on the motorcycle. We had mixed feelings about the food and service. Upon arrival, we ordered our drinks, I ordered a water with no lemon and he ordered a Miller Genuine Draft in a bottle. The waitress didn’t know if they had that particular beer, then asked if it was the same thing as an MGD. She returned to the table with a glass of water with lemon and told us that she did not have that beer, so he ordered a Coors and an order of mozzerla cheese sticks, all was well. The cheese sticks were average (nothing bad, nothing great, the same as anywhere else you would get them). I ordered the Italian Stallion sub, I admit, I am a huge Rocky fan and ordered it solely based on the name alone. It was a really good sub, a little wet but I take full responsiblity for that as I am the one who loaded it with Italian dressing. My husband ordered the chili dogs and he loved them. We shared a plate of fries and as mentioned above, they are fairly bland but not bad.
    Overall, we were satisfied with the experience. We eat out someplace new just about every weekend while out riding and this is definately one of the better places we have tried. As someone who waitressed their way through college, I try not to come down too hard on the servers for something as trivial as lemon in the water or not knowing a beer brand. I understand how one bad experience can turn a person off, but to give a fair evaluation, I think that you should try a place a couple of times before fully deciding against it.

  8. steve says:

    Took my brother in law out to dinner and his wife for his birthday tonight, it was there first time to Leghorns and probably there last.It took 55 minutes to get our food,my ten piece boneless looked like KFC popcorn,my sis sub was very burnt and small, and my brothers sandwich was cold.For $56.00 bucks I was sure wating a better meal, when I asked to see manager they said he had to leave the store ..

  9. momof2boys says:

    My family and I eat at Leghorn’s whenever possible. We LOVE the wings and feel like they blow BW’s wings out if the water! Their salads are amazing and HUGE. We’ve also found that the service is good.

  10. Kathy Lucas says:

    Today was my first visit to Leghorns, I was hoping the web site had an e-mail for thr general mananger, but there is not.
    I was not impressed. Felt I was rushed, she brought the dessert we were no way finished with our meal, the desert had ice cream in it, we were not given silverware, the server was never around, it was not busy either, we did not have many napkins, we never got any wipes, my ggrandauhter got the wings. I got philly steak sandwich. It was not good at all, I did not like the cheese at all, it was like powered cheese fake cheese, it was aufull, the bun was stale, and Not mu h meet and I did not see a mushroom

  11. Larry queens says:

    I absolutely LOVED the food.It was on point, and the hostess was charming. I would recommend Leghorns to all.

  12. Beth says:

    Ate there yesterday for the first time. I had a fabulous salad that I can’t wait to have again. Was there with 5 other friends and they all enjoyed their food.

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