Millstone BBQ

12790 Gray St.
Logan, OH 43138

When you live in Athens, there are few places so good you’d be willing to drive 30 minutes for the food. Fortunately, Millstone BBQ is one of those places. Offering southern smoked barbecue for the traveler heading down State Route 33. Located on the road between Athens and Columbus, the eatery is an unassuming stop that packs an experience worth coming back for. More than once. Its signature product is pit barbecue, which it offers in chicken, beef and turkey varieties, but there’s no question the pork is the star of the show.

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The single most important thing to do on your trip to Millstone is to absolutely get a taste of the sweet potato fries. They were the first sweet potato fries I ever tried, and to this day they are still the best I’ve ever eaten. I eat them with the best barbecue I know in this part of the state. Delicious smoked meats served with southern comfort food make Millstone strong in a variety of categories, not just barbecue.

I love the barbecue dishes both for their variety and the tenderness of the meat. The pulled pork is tender and savory, while the beef brisket is juicy and moist. Either is exceptional and the hardest choice is which menu item to indulge myself in. Who am I kidding? I am a sucker for the ribs. With a crunchy bark outside and a thick smoke ring inside, you’ll find yourself licking clean every piece of meat on the bone. Millstone serves them with two sauces, one a sweet and savory and the other a hot and spicy option. It’s unfathomable how amazing each flavor is perfect for the meat.

I know not everyone likes barbecue, and I’ve given a sampling to the options offered for those who avoid the barbecue menu. The apple bourbon pork is my favorite. Juicy and tender, it’s a great alternative when you need a break from barbecue. Then again that’s not me, and I have only sampled it in between digging into mounds of smoked pork.

The service is good and I always find my food on my table in no time, which is impressive considering the time it takes to cook such good food. I do have a few criticisms, though. I’ve given a try to the steamed vegetables, and they are consistently undercooked. It’s a shame that with such elaborate dishes as barbecue done perfectly, a simple steamed batch of vegetables is underdone. Moreover, I usually find myself waiting for drink refills. But make no mistake; if you have the choice, or you love barbecue, go to Millstone as soon as you can.


  • The sweet potato fries here are absolutely the best you will find in this area.
  • There are plenty of barbecue options, and honestly none of them is a bad choice.
  • There are plenty of options for people who don’t like barbecue. The Apple Bourbon Pork dish, for example, is a very strong contender.

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