Burr Oak Lodge

10660 Burr Oak Lodge Rd.
Glouster, OH 45732

Far off the beaten path from the rest of the businesses in town, Burr Oak Lodge and Conference Center offers a picturesque and upscale place for dinner, a conference, or a large group event. It’s perfectly placed along the Burr Oak lake. As nice of a place as it is, Burr Oak’s food really was not so impressive, and neither were its prices.

I was able to sample a number of dishes during my time here, ranging from grilled chicken quarters to pasta, salad and mashed potatoes. A variety of items and all of them were decent. I couldn’t help but feel, though, that as good as they were, they all tasted a little bland. I did enjoy the chicken particularly, but the pasta and salad items were unremarkable. I tastes a few deserts too; cheesecakes and some other cake items, and they were good.

What disappointed me here was the prices for everything. Burr Oak is trying to be a fine dining place, and I understand that. But fine dining demands a certain quality for the price. I felt like the food just didn’t taste good enough to justify such extravagant prices, and it wasn’t filling for a very long time, either.

Service was all right, and of course the scenery was pleasant. With a view on the lake, Burr Oak does provide you a nice place to sit while you eat your meal. So close to the park, I suppose it offers a nice place to eat while out for the day, but that makes Burr Oak sort of a strange juxtaposition; you can’t really expect to go from a day of hiking and canoeing to a fine dining place. That doesn’t fit, but to be fair I don’t suppose Burr Oak Lodge necessarily totes itself as a place to take a break from outdoor pursuits.

Ultimately, as nice as the environment is, I’m here to write about the food. What you will eat here is mostly bland and uninspired. What’s worse, you’ll be eating it at ridiculously inflated prices. It’s a nice attempt to make a well-rounded experience at the park, but Burr Oak Lodge doesn’t deliver good food. If you’re looking for somewhere to take a date, think cheaper.
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