The Pub

39 North Court St.
Athens, OH 45701
websiteThe Pub (Athens, OH)

The uptown Court Street area in Athens is the central stomping grounds for the students of Ohio University. The businesses along the street are a product of huge amounts of student business. The economical mindset of these students also rubs off on the foodmakers; there are dozens of food places in a square mile, and many of these sell food for cheap. Right in the middle of the bar sector of the street sits The Pub, which had been serving up burgers by day, and drinks at night.Steak Burger: $4.50

The Pub advertises every day that it cooks its “famous” burger and fries combo for $4.50. Actually, there are a number of burger options on the menu varying in price from around $3.50 to $5.50, with a number of side options. The menu offers a variety of munchies such as onion petals and wings, as well as some other options from its grill. In other words, typical bar food.

The burger was excellent. Grilled perfectly, it was juicy and packed with flavor. Served with a variety of condiments and vegetables, it tastes the part of a good bar burger. It was incredibly juicy, and even the condiments tasted good. The cheese on the burger tasted exactly like the kind you find on McDonald’s dollar menu. It’s a shame such a good burger is garnished with something that evokes a less remarkable (and cheaper) alternative.

The french fries are also good. Served hot and quickly, they very crunchy and flavorful. I should add, though, that The Pub gives its food to you as plain as possible unless you order otherwise. The fries aren’t salted so you have to add that yourself. Some people find this as an advantage in the healthy department. Also, the burger didn’t taste quite right, so I added in a little ketchup for good measure. A vast improvement.

Not a whole lot else on the menu looked particularly good, like it was thrown in for variety and not because The Pub specialized in making it. The customers around me all ordered burgers as well, and it was pretty clear that was what people came to the place to eat.

Service wasn’t bad either. There was one bartender/waitress but she managed to maintain the crowd pretty well, and the cook brought my food out quickly. Nobody came back to refill my drink or check up on how the food was, but I suppose that’s a limitation of having one person working the bar. The crowd stayed small for dinner but it was a nice place to eat. Altogether, the food and experience, like the pub, were right in the middle everyone else. Nothing outstanding but decent and cheap nonetheless.


  • Unlike many other places in the area, The Pub’s prices do not change depending on lunch or dinner.
  • The Pub is a grill. It’s a nice place to go if you’re just in the mood for some old-fashioned bar burgers.
  • Sandwich options and lighter foods exist if you don’t want the less healthy grub.

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