Sake Japanese Steakhouse

2146 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd.
Centerville OH, 45459

Sake Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is another Asian food option in the Centerville-Miamisburg commercial district, within view of the Dayton Mall. While there are a variety of Chinese food locales in this stretch, Sake enjoys a relative monopoly for Japanese food in the region. A sushi bar sells a variety of varieties by the roll, while chefs at teppenyaki grills – large iron griddles – cook each meal with a show.

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The teppenyaki grills, in a separate section from the more traditional section of the restaurant, offer a special meal it refers to as hibachi. Each customer is given a pleasant appetizer of edamame soy bean soup and a salad as the grill in front of them is prepared for cooking. I also tried the sushi before the main event began. Deliciously wrapped Philadelphia roll with ample cream cheese. It was an excellent basic sushi. I can only imagine how good the more complex versions were, but I would be willing to go back and give it a try.

The hibachi dishes are prepared by a highly skilled chef who makes a show of the food; juggling the eggs before breaking them for the rice, tossing shrimp about the room for people to catch in their mouths and tossing his cookware around like batons. You can’t help but clap as a volcano is formed out of an onion before you, all the while forgetting that your meal is being cooked. Before you know it, your food is ready. It sure tops sitting at a table waiting for it.

Served with a few sweet and spicy sauces, the hibachi is excellent. Fried rice is expertly cooked and delicious, and the vegetables and seafood, while tasting high in sodium, are perfectly grilled without losing their flavor. Even my chicken was thoroughly cooked. I sampled some of the shrimp and it was great. I would suggest a mix of it and the vegetables.

Without even taking the hibachi experience into account, the service was excellent. Waitresses continually replenished my water and were very accommodating to everyone in the restaurant. They were friendly to the children and pleasant to the other patrons. That kind of service goes a long way, and paired with such a good meal, is a special kind of experience which can’t be bought.

The menu isn’t large but this eatery does its niche foods extremely well. It’s an unusual experience, but for a little more money you get an experience you won’t forget. Give Sake a try. It’s an experience unmatched in this part of Dayton.


  • Bring a date or small group to the restaurant, and prepare to be entertained. The meal is quick but don’t be in a rush.
  • Order a roll or two of sushi for appetizers; it compliments the other dishes so well. There are plenty of basic sushi options if you aren’t feeling adventurous.
  • Definitely get something from the hibachi grill. Vegetable and seafood options are the best.

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Sake Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon — 4470 Indian Ripple Rd., Beavercreek


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