Boro Bistro — CLOSED

Editor’s Note: As of 2018, Boro Bistro is closed.
722 North Main St.
Springboro, OH 45066

Anyone who has frequented Springboro’s downtown historical district has seen bright and colorful signs advertising the “Boro Bistro,” a small lunch operation once housed along Springboro’s main street. True to its name, the bistro offers a very simple selection of foods and seems to have an inclination towards healthy items. It recently moved from its old place downtown to the newer Dorothy Lane Market shopping complex several miles up the road. Springboro’s expanding commercial areas allow plenty of room for higher quality and more spacious housing for little treasures like this one.


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The Bistro’s menu has five or so primary items; quesadillas, pizza, burritos, paninis and wraps. Smaller selections of salads, sandwiches, shakes, smoothies and hot drinks are also available. The menu is advertised at the Anytime Fitness next door. The bistro uses a variety of vegetables, leaner meats and fat-free dairy products in its food, while avoiding fried things. You’ll find foods on the leaner side here but they sacrifice none of the taste. Really, they sacrifice none of the elaborateness, either.

Paninis have been flooding into the US for decades, but around south Dayton a good one is still hard to come by. I personally have always liked them because they’re just that much more interesting than a typical grilled cheese sandwich. The bistro’s panini menu is aimed at spicy and tangy combination, two things I really like.

To match the main course offerings, they serve standard corn chips sprinkled with some kind of special sauce that is sort of a very tangy ranch dressing. The whole combination is perfect. The bistro workers informed me the tangy sauce is a signature flavor served on chips or in some of the sandwiches.

Service is quick, too. The bistro managed several customers and pick-up orders with relative ease, and the teenage attendants provided terse, but friendly service. Orders are taken and delivered at a counter, minimizing the actual amount of service rendered, but it seems like the most comfortable feel for the bistro is a minimal amount of effort. I have to say, stopping by the bistro to grab a bite to eat before shopping at Dorothy Lane Market is a very pleasant experience. I suspect both businesses benefit from the proximity.

The new bistro is a very pretty place, the interior is entirely new, as is the menu. If you’re an old customer of the place, don’t worry, nothing has been lost in the transition. If you’re new to the bistro and are looking for lighter fare that is no less satisfying, you should definitely give it a try.


  • Bring a small group for lunch or dinner. The comfortable restaurant setting is a great, comfortable place to sit and chat over a meal.
  • The Bistro caters very much to a health conscious audience. You won’t find any junk foods here.
  • The Bistro’s new location also meant it has expanded its menu. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

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