Burrito Buggy

West Union St. Vending Area
Athens, OH 45701

Though it has almost no online presence, the Burrito Buggy has solidified is niche in Athens as one of the most well-known places to come and eat. Die-hard food buggy fans swear by it, and thousands have flocked to its Facebook fan page. The little cart even generated a movement of upset customers when its old owner sold it, leaving the future of the buggy in doubt. Needless to say, the buggy is back on the streets today, selling burritos at all hours. It’s one of the first questions alumni ask me…”Is the buggy still there?”

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Burrito buggy offers burritos of all sizes, the largest and best of them being the “Gourmet burritos.” Overflowing with fresh ingredients, these giant delicacies will fill you up. Some of them are even two meals. Very good meals, too. Most of the burritos feature a grilled meat (plenty of vegetarian options, too) with ample sauce, cheese and an assortment of vegetables, all on rice.

  • Texas Ranch Burrito: Grilled chicken and bacon with a mountain of veggies. Wrapped together, they make for an excellent burrito. With the option to add spicy peppers, you can put another dimension of interesting into your meal.
  • Meat and cheese explosion: Generous seasoned beef and shreds of cheese and some sour cream. This one is a huge burrito. Could be toasted, but still good.
  • Chicken tacos: Pretty simple, these tacos are crunchy and come with seared chicken, a little cheese and some sour cream. It’s pretty simple, but these tacos are easy to enjoy if you’re tired of burritos.

For such a small cart, Burrito Buggy actually is incredibly versatile. It offers a number of sides and soft drinks to go along with your burrito. Most burritos come in different sizes, and a “happy hour” exists from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. where you get a dollar off each burrito. A number of simpler offerings are sold for $4.50 while the signature creations — which the buggy calls its “gourmet burritos,” go for $5.50. Believe me, they are worth the extra dollar. Packed with more ingredients, the gourmet burritos allow you to get the maximum Burrito Buggy experience — pure, delicious flavor packed in a tortilla.

The buggy is almost always parked at the intersection of Union and Court Streets, dispensing good food all day and night long. It is the one buggy that you’re guaranteed to see all the time. Plenty of options on the menu offer just about anything you could want in a burrito, and all of them served to you quickly, with hot and fresh ingredients, and by smiling workers who are happy to make sure your meal is excellent. I give Burrito Buggy the highest marks and I know I’m not alone.


  • The buggy is notorious for its presence at every major Athens event. Whether the Halloween Block Party or one of the spring fests, you won’t have to look far for it. Normally it is parked at the Court Street-Union Street intersection.
  • Although Burrito Buggy is usually open all day and night, it has a “happy hour” from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. where you get $1.00 off select burritos. Take advantage of this for dinner.
  • If you’re not terribly hungry, the buggy offers a variety of burritos in more modest sizes.

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